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I am a mother of three boys (three boys, being punished for my sins!) and have been a fan of photography for years. I started shooting weddings seriously about five years ago. With the arrival of my twins, I decided to reduce my working hours in order to spend more time at home with my boys. Using photography to make up for the loss of income was a natural progression.

This is where you will be able to catch regular excerpts of what I am up to...


If you would like to contact me please email: andrea@andreacarlylephotography.co.za

My website is over here: www.andreacarlylephotography.co.za 

Bronwyn's and Stuart's wedding was nothing short of an African dream.   Beneath the arching boughs of a magnificent 400-year-old fig tree, serving as their open-air chapel and situated in the unspoilt foothills of the Waterberg, surrounded by family and close friends.

I've been lucky enough to photograph my fair share of African savanna matrimonies and it goes without saying that there's certainly something about doing the couple-shoot on a game drive;   enjoying sundowners in a scenic location as the sun slowly sinks beneath the horizon. You also end the day off, welcomed by a boma area (or reception), lit by a crackling bonfire with lanterns and lights .... yep, you just can't beat it.


There were so many moments that I want to mention here, but, far too many to do them the virtue they so justly deserve. 

To mention but two, there was Bryan's guitar ode to Bronwyn and Stuart and then the novel raising of Energade-filled glasses
to toast the bride and groom, very apt as both Bron and Stu are dedicated runners.

As a compromise, for the lack of words, I leave you with this brief visual glimpse of Bronwyn's and Stuart's absolutely fabulous marriage ceremony, hopefully you'll take in a dash of what we experienced.


Whilst I thought the blankets were a nice detail touch for the chilly evening around the campfire, an even nicer aspect was that after the wedding they were donated to the local animal shelter.










Venue: Kuthaba Bush Lodge, Modimolle
Dress: Pronovias
Decor: Succulents grown by Bronwyn & Stuart
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Chris Munton:


(07.07.12 @ 06:51 PM)

Stunning Andrea! Really beautiful!

(07.08.12 @ 11:16 AM)

Oh wow, Andrea, I feel such gratitude and wonderful fluttery feelings at seeing your incredible images of our wedding. You captured it all perfectly! We can't wait to see the rest. (And thank you and Stella for being so patient with me as the sun quickly disappeared and we raced to capture the beautiful moments after our rather late ceremony!)

(07.08.12 @ 02:43 PM)
Pam Duffield:

Absolutely stunning; thank you Andrea, cant wait to see more
Bronwyn's mom and dad

(07.09.12 @ 12:00 PM)
Kyle Chong:

really nice to see photography this good! well done Andrea keep it up look forward to the next one!

(07.17.12 @ 09:19 PM)

Beautiful as always! Love the feet :)

(07.19.12 @ 02:14 PM)
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I really wanted to post a wedding before I left, but just ran out of time. (Stu & Bron it will be up when I return)

I am in Zambia, with no internet or mobile phone connection and back on the 5th July 2012.


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Every so often, you encounter a couple who like to do things a touch differently and, for this particular post, I present you with Jacinta and Josh who truly are one of those two-of-a-kind individuals.

Josh and Jacinta, who hail from Australia, officially tied the knot in Oz a year ago.  Well at that time, Josh's family travelled from South Africa to witness their exchange of vows.

One year later down the line, the tables were turned and Jacinta's family then trekked all the way from Australia to celebrate their marriage being blessed on African soil.

Introducing Josh and Jacinta, two of the nicest people I have ever met.











Venue: Moyo

The Facebook post over here, feel free to tag and share.
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Monica Dart:

Absolutely lovely and romantic! Love the image of Jacincta climbing out the car - what a moment!

(06.22.12 @ 11:49 AM)

hi Andrea, its is really really beautiful!!!

(06.22.12 @ 12:16 PM)
Gena D:

What a great idea - two celebrations !!! And why not?! Really love this idea!!

(06.22.12 @ 12:39 PM)
Alana Meyer:

Oh wow Andrea!! You captured them so beautifully! I love them!! :) And what a sweet couple they were! So awesome working with you again :)

(06.22.12 @ 03:42 PM)

Beautiful Andrea, another gorgeous wedding that you have so beautifully captured!

(06.22.12 @ 04:38 PM)

So beautiful!

(06.22.12 @ 08:19 PM)

Andrea, These photos are gorgeous! I had the pleasure of making Jacinta's dress! You really have captured the magic between this gorgoeus couple. I have put a couple of your stunning photos on my face book with you name. Please let me know if this is not ok and I can remove them.
Kind regards,

(11.02.12 @ 09:59 AM)
Andrea Carlyle:

Hi Katie, I have emailed you, no problem at all! Andrea

(11.02.12 @ 10:47 AM)
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So here I am, at my desk, wrapped in a blanket, sipping my coffee and cursing the winter chill;-).

It's early in the morning, still dark, two midgets are sleeping in their warm beds, one, the insomniac (aka Jake), is up watching a DVD.

It has been a cold and busy week, I am a quite behind on the blog, so I had better post this wedding before the school shift begins.

As I've mentioned before, I am not a fan of the dark and cold mornings that we have in winter, but, the one thing I do adore about this time of the year is the wintry glow of the daylight hours.  Ruhan and Valerie ordered some of that yummy winter light for their wedding day.

Valerie provided the beauty, Ruhan the ever-obliging (and dashing) groom ...and, of course, the amazing light - courtesy of those wonderful winter afternoons in Gauteng.   I am really thankful for the shimmering winter light, because Ruhan is also an avid photographer himself, which is flattering......and kind of stressful ;-) all in one.

It was... an incredible day, and did I mention that Valerie's dad married the two of them?

Isiphiwo_wedding_Photographers 0001.jpg

Isiphiwo_wedding_Photographers 0002.jpg

Isiphiwo_wedding_Photographers 0003.jpg

Isiphiwo_wedding_Photographers 0004.jpg

Isiphiwo_wedding_Photographers 0005.jpg

Isiphiwo_wedding_Photographers 0006.jpg
Isiphiwo_wedding_Photographers 0007.jpg
Isiphiwo_wedding_Photographers 0008.jpg
Isiphiwo_wedding_Photographers 0009.jpg
Isiphiwo_wedding_Photographers 0011.jpg
Isiphiwo_wedding_Photographers 0010.jpg
Isiphiwo_wedding_Photographers 0012.jpg
Isiphiwo_wedding_Photographers 0013.jpg

Isiphiwo_wedding_Photographers 0014.jpg
Isiphiwo_wedding_Photographers 0021.jpg

Isiphiwo_wedding_Photographers 0015.jpg
Isiphiwo_wedding_Photographers 0016.jpg
Isiphiwo_wedding_Photographers 0017.jpg

Isiphiwo_wedding_Photographers 0018.jpg
Isiphiwo_wedding_Photographers 0019.jpg
Isiphiwo_wedding_Photographers 0020.jpg

Isiphiwo_wedding_Photographers 0022.jpg

Isiphiwo_wedding_Photographers 0023.jpg
Isiphiwo_wedding_Photographers 0024.jpg

Isiphiwo_wedding_Photographers 0025.jpg

Facebook post here - feel free to tag and share.

Venue: Isiphiwo
Wedding Co-ordinator: Alet Wessels
Make-up: Cicilia Kaufmann

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Just gorgeous!! Wonderful, emotive images, what a beautiful couple and wedding! Awesome job as always, Andrea!!

(06.15.12 @ 06:52 AM)
Zischke Barnes:

Hi Andrea
Surely you have been truly blessed with an amazing eye for capturing those special moments that are stored in our memory but captured by a lens. Ruhan and Valerie made the perfect pic not just with each other, but also with you!

(06.15.12 @ 03:46 PM)

These photos are beautiful! Ruhan and Valerie must be thrilled.

(06.18.12 @ 01:44 PM)
Alana Meyer:

Stunning!!!! I love the image of Valerie walking in the bush alone! such yummy light!

(06.22.12 @ 03:44 PM)
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In my photo, I moved V's loose strand of hair  - I thought it was a distraction.
In my photo, I asked Vicky to turn  - I thought her shoulder covered too much of Joe's face.
In my photo, I focused on Joe.    
In my photo. I missed this moment;
A  mum totally infatuated with her sweet little boy.

The love in this photo takes my breath away.

...photo taken by Jake - age 5


The pictures below were taken by me, featuring the bear and his incredible parents. I have honestly never met such a happy and content baby, as the bear, he didn't shed one tear or complain the entire day...and it was a long day.


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The Bear is adorable!! Can't believe Jake captured that image - wow!

(06.08.12 @ 08:44 AM)
Andrea Carlyle:

@Stella - Yup he sure did take the pic, although to be honest I think it was a lucky mistake...I make them too!

(09.04.12 @ 05:23 PM)
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