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I am a mother of three boys (three boys, being punished for my sins!) and have been a fan of photography for years. I started shooting weddings seriously about five years ago. With the arrival of my twins, I decided to reduce my working hours in order to spend more time at home with my boys. Using photography to make up for the loss of income was a natural progression.

This is where you will be able to catch regular excerpts of what I am up to...


If you would like to contact me please email: andrea@andreacarlylephotography.co.za

My website is over here: www.andreacarlylephotography.co.za 

It would be too easy to have the same themed party for the boys, wouldn't it?

This year we celebrated with a Superhero party for Liam and a Lion King party for Jake.

Right, now back to my editing.



Credit: Superhero party inspired by an party I saw on Etsy by Paiges of Style
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Were can I find the lion king cones for pop corn n tags for goodie bags .

(02.23.12 @ 02:00 AM)

Hi these two parties look very fun, I had a question on the lion king party... We're can I find the cones for the pop corn and the tags for the goodie bags?

(02.23.12 @ 02:07 AM)
Andrea C:

Damaris I emailed you a while back with the templates...hope your Lion King Party went well

(07.05.12 @ 05:29 PM)

hi andrea, could you email me the lion king popcorn and cupcake templates please? i'd like to use it for my kid's 5th birthday party :) thanks!

(07.12.12 @ 10:23 AM)
Pamela Orellana:

Can you please send me the templates for the popcorn cones? I would really appreciated it... very neat idea

(07.12.12 @ 10:10 PM)
MIranda :

I have been looking everywhere for lion king items for my sons 2nd birthday, where did you find these? I would greatly appreciate it!

(07.24.12 @ 02:38 AM)

Hi Andrea. Your photos are darling. My little girl is having a lion king themed party next week. I would love to use the popcorn cones and cupcake wrappers. Could you please send me the template. Thank you very much!

(08.03.12 @ 12:23 AM)
Andrea C:

@Miranda I made them myself as I could not find anything on the Internet that I liked. I have emailed you the templates.

(08.03.12 @ 05:53 AM)
Andrea C:

@ sharon I emailed the templates through last week - good luck with the party

(08.06.12 @ 07:15 PM)

Helllo these are cool ideas can I know where you found them pleas

(09.19.12 @ 05:54 AM)
Kumar G:

Hi Andrea, fab pics... I am planning for d lion king theme party for my son's 1st b'day party..can u send me the templates for cones and cake wrappers? Highly appreciate it... Thanks in advance

(09.24.12 @ 05:20 PM)

Hi, would highly appreciate if you can send me the popcorn cones and cupcake cover templates for lion king? I am planning a first b'day party for my son of lion king theme... Thanks in advance

(09.24.12 @ 05:26 PM)

I planning a lion king party for my daughters 1st birthday who LOVES the lion king. Any way I could get the amazing templates? Everything looks amazing!! :)

(12.27.12 @ 07:38 PM)

This is a great idea! I also have 3 boys, with twins. I imagine you had the parties on different days? How did that work out? Their 7th birthday is coming up and their tastes are very different as well. Thinking how to make this work. I would also appreciate the templates please. Thanks.

(01.08.13 @ 09:37 PM)

Hi my son is goin to turn one pretty soon and its been really dificult to find lion king stuff I was just wondering if u could tell me where u got the sing forr the goody bags and the tags. If u could plz tell me I would really appreciate it.

(01.13.13 @ 06:47 AM)

Hi i love the popcorn lion king con can i also get a copy of the templates also its really nice my grandson is also having a lion king 1st birthday please thanks

(01.16.13 @ 01:48 AM)


Where did you get the superhero sweet cones from?
Or did you print them out?

(01.28.13 @ 11:05 AM)

Hi I'm planning a Lion King baby shower for my daughter; would you please email me the templates as well. Andrea you did an amazing job! Thanks in advance

(02.10.13 @ 10:58 PM)

can you email the template for the lion king cones please?

(02.25.13 @ 09:55 AM)

You are very talented! My daughter's baby shower is later this month and she has chosen a lion king theme. Will you please send me the templates you created?

(03.04.13 @ 05:07 AM)
alexis wright:

Hi, i want to do a lion king theme for my sons 1st birthday. Can you email me any templates please? Thank you

(03.19.13 @ 12:27 PM)

I am trying to have a lion king party and I am wondering if you could email me all your templates for the cupcake and the popcorn holders along with any other suggestions you may have for a great lion king party. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

(03.20.13 @ 01:53 AM)
Kassandra :

Hello Andrea, I just love the pics of your sons birthday party themes. I am in the process of planning my sons first birthday party and his theme is The Lion King. His bedroom is decorated in that theme as well. Can you please e-mail me the template for the treat bag tags and the popcorn holders. Thanks in advance.


(04.13.13 @ 06:35 PM)
Trevette Chavis:

I absolutely love the lion king tags that are on favor bags! Did you make those as well?!

(05.03.13 @ 08:16 PM)
sharon dudley:

i was wandering if you could send me the templates for the lion king I am doing a Lion King Baby Shower

(05.06.13 @ 01:35 AM)


I have a question where can I get lion king popcorn cones, cupcake wrappers and thank you cards?

(05.21.13 @ 12:52 PM)

Hello, I would really appreciate it if you could email me the template for the lion king party stuff, please.
Thank you so very much

(06.04.13 @ 08:36 PM)
Dianna Pope:

Hello Andrea,
My son is turning one in a few months and I love your popcorn cones and the giftbags. Can you send me the templates everything please.

(07.23.13 @ 06:43 AM)
Creative Printables:

Wow, love the Lion King party! Those cupcakes are adorable!

(07.23.13 @ 05:24 PM)

Hi! Im having a lion king theme for my soon to be one year old and I love all your lion king stuff, it looks awesome! I'm having trouble coming up with stuff. Would it be possible for you to e-mail me the templates? I would really appreciate it :-)

(08.24.13 @ 04:28 AM)

I am responsible or my granddaughters 3rd birthday party -theme Lion King. Do you have ideas ? Please send me the templates of everything! Everything looks super! Thx

(08.24.13 @ 08:57 PM)
Paige P.:

I am responsible or my Godsons 1st birthday party -theme Lion King. Do you have ideas ? Please send me the templates of everything! Everything looks super! Thx

(09.28.13 @ 03:35 AM)

Hi! beautiful pictures! I am having a lion king theme for my son's first birthday as well. Could you please email the templates you used? and any ideas?! Thanks so much!

(09.30.13 @ 01:44 AM)

hi andrea, I am planning a lion king party and a superhero party for my son's 3th and 5th birthdays. Could you email me the lion king and superhero templates please?
thanks a lot!

(09.30.13 @ 12:33 PM)

Good morning I am doing my son's first birthday party Lion King and would love it if you could email me the templates for the cones , as well as the bags please I would greatly appreciate it

(10.18.13 @ 01:20 PM)
Celestia Yoakum :

I am in love with your party ideas! We are actually taking our daughter to see The Lion King on Broadway as part of her birthday gift. For her party though, I would love to use your gift bag tags and the popcorn cones. Is there any way that you can send them to me or do you have a shop where I can order them? Thanks!

(11.24.13 @ 09:31 AM)

Hi Andrea, you did a remarkable job! I'm doing a Lion King Party for my daughter's 2nd birthday. Can you please send me all of your amazing Lion King templates? Thanks, and happy New Year!

(01.03.14 @ 04:03 AM)

Hi Andrea C can you please email me the templates for this lion king party my sons first birthday party is next week and i really want to do the lion king theme

(02.15.14 @ 09:10 AM)

Hi Andrea, can you please email me the template for the popcorn cones.



(07.29.14 @ 02:52 PM)
Sonia :

Can u please help me get popcorn cone n everything else about Simba

(09.13.14 @ 12:22 AM)

Hi Andrea....This is the cutest idea i've seen thus far for a lion king party. I would like to do this theme for me son, Sire's 1st birthday. Can you please send me the templates you used for the cones as well as the cupcakes? Did you also make the "thank you" template?

(02.05.15 @ 04:02 PM)
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November 23, 2011 // Children / Personal
I know they have to grow up, but, does it have to be at this helter-skelter rate?

Five years old today!!

They are now both happy little beans, because they've officially, according to their life manual,  attained BIG BOY status.

However, I do savour the fact that they haven't quite yet shed certain babyish-like aspects.

Happy Birthday boys!


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If I had to choose one solitary word that could describe childhood sweethearts Janine and Ashley, then it would have to be laidback, or possibly even carefree. 

Their wedding ceremony was pretty much about a girl who once met a boy and then finally ;-) tied the knot, on that auspicious big day.  Nothing at all else seemed to be of any importance. 

It did not matter that Janine forgot to put on her garter and it didn't matter that there wouldn't be a second ring exchange - quite simply, Janine and Ashley were marrying each other and that was that.

It was a scorcher of a day and it would be earmarked as the very first and last time, I hear, that Ashley ever wore a suit.

Janine was calm, composed and looked beautiful.  Ashley was eager and perspiring slightly in his first-ever Fabio (suit).  The expressions and comments of their guests said it all and it was an honour to spend this day with them all.

Amazing. Thank you.

As always the images are on the FB page, feel free to leave some love or tag yourself over here.


















PS: I also have to add that Zavion, the co-ordinator at Memoire, was razor-sharp and just a pleasant person to be around.

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Monica Dart:

so beautiful! love the 'wonderwoman' photo....and serene portraits of the bride.

(11.18.11 @ 11:52 AM)
Madelein Hartzenberg:

STUNNING Photos!!!

Beautiful Bride Janine & and Ashley so handsome.. What a wonderful day to share with these two Amazing people!!!

(11.18.11 @ 12:02 PM)

You certainly outdid yourself with this one! Amazing images - love the dress, the veil in the mirror and the tree flare ones - actually, I love them all!

(11.18.11 @ 12:14 PM)
Adrie Booysen :

Beautiful Photos! Beautiful couple! So proud of my children!

(12.01.11 @ 07:46 AM)
Adrie Booysen (Mom of the Bride):

Beautiful photos! Beautiful couple! Loved sharing the day with family and friends.

(12.01.11 @ 07:56 AM)
Bets Swanevelder:

Two beautifull people on their special day, and the most stunning photos I have seen in a long time!!!

(12.01.11 @ 07:13 PM)

Wow, love your work! Very inspirational!

(12.06.11 @ 10:42 AM)
Tracy Miscik:

Just wanted to say what great pictures.....

(01.06.12 @ 11:06 PM)
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November 11, 2011 // Children / Personal

I read somewhere this morning, that there are aproximately 75 000 wedding ceremonies schedulled for today...phew, that is alot of "I do's".

This is what we will be up to later this afternoon ;-).


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That's what we'll be doing too :)

(11.11.11 @ 09:22 AM)
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When I began photographing with my first SLR, a Pentax MZ50, in those days, you would have to wait until your spool of film was developed before you could see whether or not you had captured a half-decent, or extraordinary moment.

In this day and age, anyone with a mobile 'phone (let alone a camera) can take a photograph, and the results are immediate, so it's much easier to see immediately if you caught the moment or if someone's eyes were closed at that precise moment.

Despite the different technologies being used to capture a moment, I always get a little light-headed whilst I'm scanning through the sequence of events of a wedding ceremony; flicking through the day as it unfolded, the atmosphere, the people and the sheer timelessness of the activities that were captured right in front of me.

The piece of equipment that the photos were captured on is irrelevant, but, when I do happen upon a certain once-off unique frame, I get all giddy, especially when I know that this particular one is a cracker!!   Indeed one for the blog, no less.

The calmness of Barbara getting ready, the flower girl who loved the camera, Craig's nerves before the ceremony and the expression on his face, the laughs at the reception, those unplanned moments and the guests who flew in from London, Zambia and from all over - everything captured and about to be shared with you, the blogging fraternity.  Don't you just love the power of photography?

Thank you Barbara and Craig, plus, a big shout out to Lisa, who assisted me on the big day.




Those 'roses & petals' on the cake are made of icing - I kid you not!



....being a flowergirl is tiring ;-)














Please feel free to "like" our facebook page and tag yourself in these photos if you are in them, although I highly doubt that -  considering bar one photo, it is all about Barbara & Craig ;-). You are also welcome to share with family and friends!
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These are fabulous! Love the light in the creatives...

(11.03.11 @ 05:55 AM)
Lisa :

Yay for that gorgeous old ballroom slash duck shed. It was so worth the mission to get in. Gorgeous Andrea!

(11.03.11 @ 12:08 PM)

Just Lovely ;-)

(11.09.11 @ 09:58 AM)
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