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I am a mother of three boys (three boys, being punished for my sins!) and have been a fan of photography for years. I started shooting weddings seriously about five years ago. With the arrival of my twins, I decided to reduce my working hours in order to spend more time at home with my boys. Using photography to make up for the loss of income was a natural progression.

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September 16, 2011 // Children / Personal

I am just posting an image from our week that was, with a random quote to match.

"Things end but memories last forever"
                              Author Unknown


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Any man who can write a blues song for his bride, together with a flapping frog dance, is either totally bonkers or a total keeper.  In this case, I think it is quite obviously the latter.

So today, I am going to rock your little socks off with our first wedding of the season; that of the super-cool couple, James and Tenielle. The story of a 6 and a 10 that fell hopelessly in love ,-).

What I loved most of all about their wedding day, apart from the awesome gang of family and friends that surrounded Tenielle and James, was how expressive and emotional they both are.

It has been a while since I posted one of my own weddings, so I am a little giddy at selecting,  {insert warning} so this post is likely to be prolonged. Perhaps a little too long, but, that's what you get when your bride, Tenielle, is a blond look-alike of Audrey Hepburn. (Don't you think?)

And drumroll, finally a few of my favorite frames from the day.

As always, these and a few more images are on my Facebook page. To the FB novices;  you need to "Like" Andrea Carlyle Photography in order to leave comments.





How cute is the fortune cookie dressed in the tux!



I played around in Photoshop and created a new B&W conversion that I would like to call my Vintage Hepburn.



The garter (and cheese sandwich) bearer.



















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Kim Haw:

How absolutely stunning! Thank you so very much Teneille and James will be more than thrilled with the photos! Love love them, especially the cheese sandwich garter bearer!

(09.13.11 @ 07:21 PM)
Jeanette Verster:

Absolutely gorgeous!! LOVE St Johns, it's just such a stunning place to take photos.

(09.13.11 @ 08:29 PM)

Amazing post Andrea!! What a gorgeous couple and it looks like such a fun wedding...LOVE the church arrival shot!

(09.14.11 @ 07:16 AM)

Oh WOW! Awesome pictures!

(09.14.11 @ 12:38 PM)

These are so beautiful. I love the black & white action you created too

(09.15.11 @ 09:31 AM)

OMW! What a way to start the new season - absolutely stunning and full of Andreaness :-)

(09.19.11 @ 09:28 AM)
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September 3, 2011 // Children / Personal

All three boys slept over at "uncle's" house, last night.

This morning, as I sipped my coffee and switched on my PC, I realised that the house was silent, so eerily hushed that I can actually hear my keyboard "tik tik", as I type this post....it is a strange feeling.

A silence that I thought I could savour, as I have a hundred and three things I thought I would do, once I finally had this moment of quiet, but, now that I have it, I long for the noise and chaos.


Just yesterday morning, I was a tad irritated that I could not even go to the loo without a "Mama {insert demand}" and now that I have several uninterrupted hours, I am stumped with what to do.

I am ready to embrace the noise.


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Gena D:

that's a mom for you ... been there too!!! lovely images/ collage!!

(09.04.11 @ 08:58 AM)
Monica Dart:

Beautifully written and gorgeous boys! I can't wait to be a mom!x

(09.04.11 @ 10:36 AM)
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August 29, 2011 // Children / Personal

3....2...1...Blast off!

Oliver's birthday is in July, which is not only a little too cold for an outdoor party, but, it also happens to be during the school holidays, meaning that most of his friends are away. We have, over the years, held his "proper" party towards the end of August.

So, this weekend, 22 astronauts graduated from Oliver's lunar space shuttle programme. The extra-terrestrial mission included hunting for cosmic moon rocks and a spacecraft missile launch.  Rookies were then asked to eliminate an alien and participate in a deep-space experiment (Pepsi and Mentos) and finally to construct a shuttle of their own.

We had a blast!



Side note: If I'd known that the moon rocks would be such a hit, I would have charged the kids 5 bucks, apiece, and made a fortune!
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A touch of vintage and a hint of classic.   Then, added to this, you suffuse a mixture of mojos and Hollywood glam in the heart of an urban city and, hey presto, this was the backdrop to Sarika's and Nico's gorgeous wedding day.  I realise, that nothing in life is really perfect, but honestly, this wedding was very close.

It is going to be a short post from my side as Dror has, more than eloquently, described this beautiful wedding on his blog.

Just a quick one before I post the images.  

I was a little inspired by the fact that Sarika "rocked that Marilyn vibe", so before I processed their photos for the blog, I tinkered with Photoshop in an attempt to create a timeless B&W action that would match the same old starlit, glitzy Hollywood feel.

Thank you Sarika & Nico - it was awesome!

....and Thank.You.Dror.










Oh, and before I forget, those that prefer FB to blogs here is the FB post.

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Jeanette Verster:

Gorgeous!! LOVE the last image, and the softness of the bridal portraits

(08.18.11 @ 08:00 PM)

Beautiful!!!That last image is wonderful

(08.19.11 @ 07:43 AM)
Paul Pearce:

Stunning shots and what I love the most it feels so real if you know what I mean. It does not look like it was over done in any way. Stunning !!

(08.26.11 @ 12:47 PM)
Gena D:

beautiful details shots ... adore the sun and poppies one... and of course the last one!!!

(09.04.11 @ 09:03 AM)
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