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I am a mother of three boys (three boys, being punished for my sins!) and have been a fan of photography for years. I started shooting weddings seriously about five years ago. With the arrival of my twins, I decided to reduce my working hours in order to spend more time at home with my boys. Using photography to make up for the loss of income was a natural progression.

This is where you will be able to catch regular excerpts of what I am up to...


If you would like to contact me please email: andrea@andreacarlylephotography.co.za

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When I awoke on the morning of Kath's and Carl's wedding day I almost shed tears, as there was a horrible misty drizzle - the type of rainfall that is usually confined to the UK, or Cape Town.   It was a continuous downpour of small measly drops, with no peak, no ebb, no thunder.   You know, the kind of rain you'll resign yourself to the fact that it will linger the entire day. I kept checking the skies in the hope that it would clear, but, to no avail.  Cloudy and overcast is OK - but please no rain.

As I arrived at Kath's home, her bridesmaids were doing exactly that; continuously scanning the gloomy heavens and providing Kath with optimistic forecasts, such as how a certain teeny-weeny gap of lighter raincloud was a definite sign that it would clear. It seems that all our hoping actually paid off, because just following the ceremony, the rainfall stopped and we had beautiful, fluffy clouds right on cue.  Perfect!

What a blast and what a bash!  There are so many amazing moments to share, so here's a small selection of my personal favourites.

Oh, actually, before I commit this post, I simply have to disclose something, which may even be helpful for other photographers who may read this blog.  Years back, through some obscure website, I read that when a couple kiss, the female, almost 90% of the time, tilts her head to the RIGHT, so ever since then, I've always applied this statistic at each of my weddings.  Please do not ask me where, or from which blog/website, I obtained this handy hint, as I can not even remember my children's' names at the best of times.

Anyway, during the ceremony, as I am anticipating "The Kiss", you will find me tilting my head to the right, in an attempt to mimic the brides position and work out the best possible point I should be at to capture the moment.

Well, I am about to reveal an important detail about Carl and Kath (enter drum roll),.... they do not fall into that 90% group, since Kath tilts her head to the LEFT. As you can imagine, this quirk entertained us throughout our portrait shoot, so there wasn't any need to say smile (or cheese), as I think Kath and Carl laughed throughout the entire exercise.

Before my ramblings come to a close, I have to say a HUGE thank you to Carl and Kath, for being so much fun to hang around with and allowing us to be part of this very special day.





Flowers by Fields of Colour








The groom usually throws on a suit and is ready to go. I found the next series quite amusing as you do not just throw on a white dress...It is quiet a process.






First you need to find an entrance route.







Then you need to navigate your way through with out smudging your make-up.






Bride coming through........made it! 


  Johannesburg-Wedding-Photographer-bzwpi01.jpg Then there is the puffery of the layers and finding the button to pin up the dress.



Johannesburg-Wedding-Photographer-bzwip011ib.jpgFollowed by buttoning the dress and the application of the veil, which may cause some discomfort.





...and finally the looks of approval.








Kath's dad just before she walked down the aisle.















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Kath Meyer:

What gorgeous photos - we love them! Thank you

(06.07.11 @ 12:24 PM)
Alana Meyer:

How gorgeous!! Kath, you looked simply stunning! :) Can't wait to see more!!!

(06.07.11 @ 01:08 PM)

Beautiful photos as always Andrea

(06.09.11 @ 08:28 PM)
patronella mukendi :

kindly send me a quotation for a wedding for 120 pack.date 14th december 2013.kind regards patronella

(08.20.13 @ 08:47 PM)
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May 26, 2011 // Children / Personal

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Brrr.. it has been a little nippy around here these days!!

This week we learned about the joys of kite flying.



 We are away this weekend, Kath and Carl will be posted on our return



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Wow!   It's that time of year again and I'm only a couple of weeks shy of the end of my crazy, busy season,  so, fingers crossed, things should start slowing down now.

I am super-excited to announce that RE.INVENT III is on the cards, which is a photography workshop that I will be hosting with the master himself....enter drumroll... Mr... Dror.... Eyal.

This time around, we have incorporated some extras, so RE.INVENT III should be bigger and better.  With the purpose of accommodating the bigger aspect, the workshop will be extended by one more day.

It aims to teach,  inspire,  rejuvenate and restore.  We would love to see you there, so if you are interested in joining us, please click here.





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May 1, 2011 // Children / Personal

I'm at home this week with my little brood of boys and it feels good to be free of routine, but, it's also quite a challenge being at home. The amount of energy required for this job is not to be underestimated.

Anyway, there seems to be a bit of an uprising on this side, as the three boybarians are horrified that only a photo of their cousin, Angelique, was posted on the blog for Easter.


So, here you are, a couple more from the chocolate season.

I am beginning to wonder who is in charge of this blog. The boys, or me?










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When Stella and I arrived at Bamboeshoek farm, we were besotted with the place. 

Hendrien had spent a lot of time on her uncle's farm, so it really was the perfect location for family, friends and the couple themselves to get together.  A barn, that usually houses sheep, was converted into the perfect wedding reception...insert sigh.

The sighs, ooohs and aaahs just kept on rolling out.

The d├ęcor, the details, their love story, the quaint setting on the farm, the charming groom, the beautiful bride; everything was just awesome. Insert more sighs.

Hendrien, who is a TV sports presenter, explained that because both herself and Cliffe are always in the spotlight (Cliffe being a famous cricketer), she wanted us to focus more on the day and the story itself, as opposed to mere photographs of the two of them. So I have tried doing just that during the selection process for this blog post.  But, it's been pretty difficult, when you have a gorgeous couple amid such an awesome setting.

I truly hope that these photos, in some measure, do succeed in portraying the wonderful atmosphere we experienced.  Thank you, Hendrien. Thank you, Cliffe. It was an absolute delight to photograph your nostalgic wedding.



THE MENU ON THE WALL: Each individual meal was homemade by an individual resident of Lady Grey and then dished up by that respective cook. Nothing beats a home-cooked meal made with love.




For Hendrien's and Cliffe's very nearest and dearest, Hendrien herself compiled picture-framed personalised messages for each and every single guest! Do I hear a sigh?





Hendrien's dress was made with 70-year-old antique lace.



Yes, the bouquet on the left also received huge ooohs and aaaahs, plus the odd sigh.










Hendrien and Cliffe arranged it that their pics would be taken before the ceremony, which meant that we had loads of time to photograph the two of them in Lady Grey. I simply had to post these, as they represent the first glimpse Cliffe managed to see of Hendrien in her dress.













Cliffe drove to the church in the car that Hendrien learnt to drive in, which is a Toyota Corolla 1.8. You can see the car was custom-made to accommodate Cliffe's physique... ;-) 




This is the reaction Cliffe received arriving at the church in the stylish Toyota Corolla.....1.8. I may add... there's no respect these days for an artisan-made automobile.



The flower girls arrived in the bakkie that Cliffe used for their first date.





















To the overseas viewers, troukoek is wedding cake in Afrikaans. 




.....and, yes, ladies that's him...Ryk Neethling and he's gorgeous and, to top it all, down-to-earth in real life ...I know it's a tough job photographing people.


western-cape-wedding-photographer-21c.jpg western-cape-wedding-photographer-22.jpg




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Oh my word Andrea - these are just fabulous!!! Thank you for taking me with to this beautiful wedding - definitely one to remember :)

(04.28.11 @ 09:21 AM)
Jeanette Verster:

OMW these are stunning!! Love all the detail

(04.28.11 @ 05:59 PM)

Stunning photos.. such a different wedding.

(04.30.11 @ 04:06 PM)

Absolutely stunning Andrea!! Cannot pick my favourite here, they are all gorgeous.
PS. the shot of Cliffe in the car is brilliant, put a smile on my face :-)

(05.02.11 @ 10:55 AM)
Paul Pearce:

Great work Andrea
I just love it when you shoot at these way out off the beaten track places.
A whole new world opens up and you shine in that too.

(05.03.11 @ 01:49 PM)

wow such a unique wedding, love the confetti shot, and love the eye candy yum!

(05.05.11 @ 10:57 AM)
Lizette Bain:

Andrea dit is die mooiste troufotos en voorwaar 'n asemrowende mooi troue gewees! Hendrien en Cliffe - jul troudag was ongelooflik spesiaal!

(05.07.11 @ 12:09 PM)
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