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I am a mother of three boys (three boys, being punished for my sins!) and have been a fan of photography for years. I started shooting weddings seriously about five years ago. With the arrival of my twins, I decided to reduce my working hours in order to spend more time at home with my boys. Using photography to make up for the loss of income was a natural progression.

This is where you will be able to catch regular excerpts of what I am up to...


If you would like to contact me please email: andrea@andreacarlylephotography.co.za

My website is over here: www.andreacarlylephotography.co.za 

The workshop sold out in the very first week!  How awesome is that?  Just one couple cancelled, so two places (obviously) are available should you wish to join us, which you can do by merely browsing the workshop website.

We now need a model for the workshop.  Any takers out there?   .... anyone?

It will be a fun afternoon with a trash-the-dress theme of shooting - although, I promise your wedding frock will not be ruined. We tend to attract very adventurous personalities, so should you sway towards the self-assured, then you're also more than welcome.

If you are predisposed to being photographed by 20 different people, and prepared to stand in the most ridiculous spots, then please email us at bookings@theworkshops.co.za to lay your hands on more details.


Madelaine, a very talented make-up artist, has kindly agreed to do make up and we will provide you with the images submitted together with a couple of prints.





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Marelize Schmahl:

Beautiful image and beautiful location! Wow! Where was this taken?

(07.30.10 @ 12:18 PM)
Andrea Carlyle:

Tiger Wheel and Tyre, behind in their workshop area, on Louis Botha Ave

(07.30.10 @ 05:56 PM)
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I have been very quiet on this blog for far too long, so just a quick little something, once again all in the name of procrastination, and back to the grind I go.



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July 15, 2010 // Children / Personal

Six years ago to this very day (it was also a Thursday) our destinies changed for the better, with the arrival of Oliver.

Happy Birthday Oli!   Oh, how I love you so.



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Its ridiculous how gorgeous all your kids are!! Happy happy Oli :)

(07.15.10 @ 03:57 PM)
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July 12, 2010 // Children / Personal

The vuvuzelas have faded and the World Cup has now sadly drawn to a close.  I must say I'm going to miss the flags waving merrily, watching the games and the little ones screaming out the name of the country, when they recognise a flag.  But, then again, I suppose all good things come to an end and so too the end of the school holidays.


The boys (and cousin Angelique) were treated to a helicopter ride this weekend.

And so life goes on... no more procrastination and no World Cup to blame...its back to work we go, Hi Hoo!


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Wow what lucky boys and what a beautiful little girl!!

(07.13.10 @ 03:58 PM)
Andrea Carlyle:

Thanks for the comment Sharon - it always nice to "hear" that there are people on the other side of the blog. It's Jake on the right, I know he does look like a girl, only because his mom does not want to cut his, or his brother Liam's, hair ;-)

(07.13.10 @ 04:28 PM)
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I can't pinpoint exactly how I initially scan and ultimately select images I'm partial to for the blog, but, for some reason or another, I'm not especiallly accomplished at this particular task, as I tend to neglect images like this.






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Love, love the first one !!!

(07.07.10 @ 08:13 AM)

I absolutely adore the second photo!

(07.07.10 @ 08:24 AM)

You are absolutely amazing Andrea! I have just spent the last 3hrs looking at all the amazing photos. If only you were in Australia!!! I want to move to South Africa now...

(07.20.10 @ 01:44 PM)
Andrea Carlyle:

There are some awesome Australian photographers on that side too! I have a long list of Australian photographers that I aspire to.

(08.01.10 @ 12:18 AM)
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