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I am a mother of three boys (three boys, being punished for my sins!) and have been a fan of photography for years. I started shooting weddings seriously about five years ago. With the arrival of my twins, I decided to reduce my working hours in order to spend more time at home with my boys. Using photography to make up for the loss of income was a natural progression.

This is where you will be able to catch regular excerpts of what I am up to...


If you would like to contact me please email: andrea@andreacarlylephotography.co.za

My website is over here: www.andreacarlylephotography.co.za 

It seems getting my phone sorted involves far more paperwork and beaucracy than I had imagined.


In the meantime please use 083 200 2557 or email me.


All finally sorted, back on line 083 212 3430



Liam pointing at the number you can call me on - I know very cheesy indeed, but I am fustrated and tired - and it's only Monday. 


Leanne & Andrew's wedding in a couple of days time.


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Very Cute! awesome pic

(01.13.10 @ 08:35 AM)
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I'm more than pleased and quite humbled to share with you some exciting news!


I am teaming up with Dror Eyal and we are planning a knock-your-socks-off photography workshop!

For more info on the workshop click here.





Oh and btw the 'knock-your-socks-off' part of the workshop will be covered by Dror ;-)


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I had the rare and privileged pleasure of second-shooting a wedding with Dror - rare, because I don't get to second-shoot much for the best of possible reasons, since I have far too many of my own assignments.


It is always fun when I can attempt new things and flex my creative muscles, rather than the usual responsibilities and stress of being the main photographer!


Mpopi and Rorisang had a beautiful outside ceremony in the luscious Shepstone Gardens and I feel so lucky to have witnessed their big day. We tried to explore a few lesser-known locations to achieve a different element.


Check these out.....

Oh, BTW I think I may have been influenced by Dror, as it seems I have converted more than my usual "one image in a blue moon" into B&W













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Jules Morgan:

LOVE the 2nd and 4th shots, GOR-GEOUS!

(12.17.09 @ 01:07 PM)
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Look what I found whilst busy editing Angie & Keith's wedding. I love these two photo's from Angie's getting ready session...







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What a happy day.

(12.03.09 @ 08:07 AM)
Paul Pearce:

Great shots.
I have great respect for all the brides that have to fit all the hoops and so on just to be the best looking bride ever and then when they get caught off guard, there is Andrea with a evil smile on her face as she knows she has caught that killer shot that will win her some accolades in the near future.
Well done Andrea

(12.03.09 @ 02:34 PM)

Love the black and white pics

(12.04.09 @ 09:00 AM)
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12 bottles of wine arrived yesterday with the following note inside the box;


Dear Andrea & Ursula
Thank you so much for making our wedding so special and memorable. You are both amazingly talented and we feel so fortunate to have you both. We will cherish our photographs for years to come.
These are two of our favourite wines. We hope you enjoy them.Enjoy a glass of wine on us in the sunshine.
Love Florian and Tracy


A whooping "Cheers!" Tracy, Florian! Thank you, the pleasure was really ours!

I'm sipping the delicious Life from Stone Sauvignon Blanc as I type this blog post. No sunshine, but hey, I have good wine! 




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As usual I have been trawling through your blog which is what Florian and I often end up doing on a Saturday morning. For some reason we had never come across this before. Over a year on and we still often look back at our photographs and love them. They are one of our most treasured possessions. Its fantastic to see all your work and follow the many other happy couples. We never recommend anyone else when our friends are getting married. We hope you are well and happy. x

P.S. We are due to have our own little midget in December

(08.14.10 @ 12:23 PM)
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