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I am a mother of three boys (three boys, being punished for my sins!) and have been a fan of photography for years. I started shooting weddings seriously about five years ago. With the arrival of my twins, I decided to reduce my working hours in order to spend more time at home with my boys. Using photography to make up for the loss of income was a natural progression.

This is where you will be able to catch regular excerpts of what I am up to...


If you would like to contact me please email: andrea@andreacarlylephotography.co.za

My website is over here: www.andreacarlylephotography.co.za 


I had been checking the weather forecast all week in an attempt to gauge whether it would rain at the weekend.


Those of you not residing in Gauteng will be oblivious to the fact that for the past four/five weeks or so, we have had rain virtually every single day.

Well, Saturday at Diane's and Trent's wedding, we had rain; not normal rain, but, true highveld thunderstorms with lightning bolts and all the extras.


During the creatives session, Trent miraculously escaped being struck by a flash of lightning - not really, but, the way he dashed down the hill leaving his new wife behind, one would have thought the electric bolt must have just missed his left foot. ;-)

The skies held on until the shoot was done, we got our crackers and Trent made it out in one piece!


From the laughs we had on the golfcart, right through to the gorgeous lattern release at the reception, the whole day turned out beautifully. Thank you Diane. Thank you Trent.


Kloofzicht-wedding-decor 55anft.jpg



















Kloofzicht Lodge photographer.jpg 





No Photoshop magic, the sky was that dark. Straight out of camera and sharpened in Photoshop. 













The lovely lattern release shot in pitch darkness, sans flash at Iso 4000. 


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Awesomenesss!!! Love all of them, especially the windy veil :)

(02.06.10 @ 09:10 AM)

Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! You guys were just awesome ! We had so much fun on the hill! Dont think Trent will ever live his scardie cat moment down!!! cant wait for the album!!! xxx

(02.06.10 @ 10:59 AM)

WOW! Awesome post Andrea - thank you for an awesome shoot :) Thanks Diane and Trent, you guys were fantastic!

(02.07.10 @ 09:35 AM)

Congratulations Di and Trent. Truly magical photos xx

(02.08.10 @ 11:52 AM)
Paul Pearce:

Absolutely stunning Andrea !
Inspirational as always.

(02.10.10 @ 12:07 PM)
Camilla Photography:

Love their stormy looking formals. Really beautiful!

(02.13.10 @ 12:46 AM)
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I have mentioned it before and will mention it again: I personally adore small weddings. For me, it's the understated, discreet moments of a wedding that take my breath away.

Kim and Dale set up a long table on the lawns of Toadbury Hall, under the plane trees overlooking the lake; a truly breath-taking setting experienced by a select-few people closest to both of them.

The weather played along, Kim's dad cried on cue and both said I do - quite simply, a day that won't easily be forgotten!

Thank you both for the honour.



Toadbury-Wedding-photograph.jpg toadbury-hall-11.jpg




I also have to add that the steak at Toadbury Hall was one of the most juiciest and mouth watering steaks I have had in a long time, ten out of ten!

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Dale and Kim:

You are truly amazing! Thank you to both you and Ursula for making our day so memorable and thank you for the brief glimpse of what awaits us...
Lots of love

(01.25.10 @ 10:07 PM)

Thank you Kim and Dale for a very special day, we had so much fun. Love the post Andrea, very beautiful.

(01.26.10 @ 09:22 AM)
Marian McFarlane:

Dear Kim and Dale
What a stunning wedding you both look amazing and I believe you all had a wonderful day! You are a very special, beautiful couple be blessed!
Love Marian and Garth

(01.27.10 @ 09:18 AM)

I love the brides decor, the colours are just too beautiful!

(01.27.10 @ 01:30 PM)

I love the last image, looked like a stunning wedding.

(01.28.10 @ 11:49 AM)

Looking at your blog has become the highlight of my week! (yes...I know I have become the follower of a marauding crawling toddler....) but you never cease to post the most amazing pictures that just capture the most astonishingly succint detail!!!You're a legend.
Beautiful decor!

(01.28.10 @ 12:12 PM)
Camilla Photography:

The ones of her by the window are gorgeous!

(02.13.10 @ 12:47 AM)
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Gosh, Friday already! Our first week back and it's all systems go, back to the grindstone, dropping off kids at school, traffic, deadlines and all the things which make me want it to be the holidays again.


It's been a bit quiet on the blog for the last few days. If the truth be told, we're flat-out editing in a bid to finish those outstanding 2009 jobs interrupted by the Christmas holidays.


Enough whining and waffeling - time for a wedding post;


On what felt like the hottest day of 2009, we headed up to Bela Bela over the New Year to witness the marriage of Leanne and Andrew.

It was a real scorcher of a day and during the ceremony I honestly thought Ursula and I were going to spontaneously combust ;-).

Surprisingly, the heat was no bother for the Bride & Groom; Leanne looked absolutely stunning and Andrew was looking rather dazzling in his sand-coloured suit.


What an amazing day to be a part of!  Thank you so much for choosing me.  I enjoyed every minute of it!  Oh, and the spectacular blue moon we witnessed was just the cherry ontop!


A bit more than I had planned to post, but there were such cute, short guests (i.e. kids) that unintentially hi-jacked the spotlight.





How cute are the african beaded warthog table numbers? 




For a change I thought I would post some pictures of the groom getting ready, we have ignored the grooms for a bit! Picures by Ursula




Andrew's niece, who I think really wanted to marry her uncle.

















A midget guest in awe of the African Zulu dancers hired to entertained guests. (Picture by Ursula)






I am now fully qualified and accredited to say "Once in a blue moon" you get a wedding like this. 






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Beautiful post Andrea!! Thank you Leanne and Andrew for a wonderful day, (I did survive the heat although it didn't look I was going to on the day :)). All the best.

(01.18.10 @ 12:37 PM)

Just Beautiful!

(01.18.10 @ 01:07 PM)

The most magnificent setting and so amazing to see how it has been captured. I look forward to more

(01.19.10 @ 12:58 PM)

Thanks guys for really adding something special to our day. We had such fun on our "game drive"! Andrea thank you for being so relaxed and calm :-) You were a gem! The pictures are amazing too ;-)

(01.19.10 @ 01:10 PM)
Julie Gallagher:

oh my word! These are the most mazing photos I have ever seen! I am so proud to have helped out in such a small way in what must have been the most amazing wedding - I can't even begin to think of which is my best photo so far! leanne you look so beautiful!

(01.19.10 @ 01:15 PM)

Love the one with the flare...lovely Andrea!

(01.26.10 @ 08:23 AM)
Jennifer Allsop:

What a wonderful day & what a beautiful bride!
See you again on the 4th
Jennifer x

(01.29.10 @ 12:05 PM)
Greg Benjamin:

Truly amazing pics, WOW!

(02.02.10 @ 05:41 PM)

You take beautiful pictures, i am 15 years old and i really want to be a photographer and your photos really inspire me.

(02.22.10 @ 09:06 PM)
Melanie Wessels:

Gorgeous! Love the soft blue sky

(06.30.10 @ 10:04 AM)
Hendrien Grove:

Looking for a wedding photgrapher for Saturday 9 April. Will get married on a farm, in a small little town called Lady Grey... Are you available and could you send through pricelist please?

(02.10.11 @ 11:02 AM)

Andrea I love your work, that 2nd last photo with the baby is so cute!

(04.09.11 @ 11:23 AM)
Tania Musgrove:

I am planning a wedding for my boss. Angela Gahagan. She is getting married at Thandaka Lodge too. I love your work. Id like to arrange a meeting between Angela and yourself once evening after work. Are you JHB based. She lives in Bryanston, would this be convenient for you.
Email is best for me as I have my Blackberry with me 24/7.
I look forward to hearing from you Andrea.
Rgds, Tania

(06.20.11 @ 02:49 PM)
chaitra stephen:

Dear Andrea! this here is Chaitra from India..........ur photographs just moved me...........photography is just hobby now..mother of two wanna make it profession one day.............u stand an inspiration .............would love to here from you.......

chaitra Stephen

(10.14.12 @ 09:47 AM)
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It seems getting my phone sorted involves far more paperwork and beaucracy than I had imagined.


In the meantime please use 083 200 2557 or email me.


All finally sorted, back on line 083 212 3430



Liam pointing at the number you can call me on - I know very cheesy indeed, but I am fustrated and tired - and it's only Monday. 


Leanne & Andrew's wedding in a couple of days time.


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Very Cute! awesome pic

(01.13.10 @ 08:35 AM)
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I'm more than pleased and quite humbled to share with you some exciting news!


I am teaming up with Dror Eyal and we are planning a knock-your-socks-off photography workshop!

For more info on the workshop click here.





Oh and btw the 'knock-your-socks-off' part of the workshop will be covered by Dror ;-)


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