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I am a mother of three boys (three boys, being punished for my sins!) and have been a fan of photography for years. I started shooting weddings seriously about five years ago. With the arrival of my twins, I decided to reduce my working hours in order to spend more time at home with my boys. Using photography to make up for the loss of income was a natural progression.

This is where you will be able to catch regular excerpts of what I am up to...


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February 28, 2010 // Personal / Travel / Wedding

I am out of the country till Thursday with no access to my emails. If you want to receive a copy of my packages please send an email to prices@andreacarlylephotography.co.za.


I come back to warm weather on Thursday.



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I'm not really blogging, because I have a wedding today. I'm just posting one random shot, of Jay and Sarah, which hardly counts as 'blogging'.


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In general, I'm not so good with change (I have a tendency to find a comfort zone and to cling to it for dear life).

It was with this in mind I first agreed to present RE.INVENT with Dror, since public speaking is very much outside my comfort zone.

So, you will understand why I was equally nervous (as I was excited) for RE.INVENT, which was convened at The Forum Homini Hotel, yesterday.

Previewing the participants' websites and blogs beforehand did not help the jitters, as I knew we had some serious talent and amazing photographers lined up for the workshop.

We had such an amazing group in attendance, along with gorgeous models, which were a picture of perfection, Gen worked her little butt off to achieve the images the attendees were striving for.

I can't wait to check out the blogs to see what images were captured yesterday. ...and, if anything, I hope that the participants have picked up, that Dror and I attempt to get picture-perfect photos straight out of camera and use PS/Lightroom purely as a an enhancer.

For the first time ever, I  can say I took the least amount of shots on the day, as I was more occupied with questions from the photographers themselves.
Naturally, no post without a pic, so here you are - Just one photograph, which I took demonstrating a point to one of the participants.


Forum Homini Wedding 02.jpg


The first one developed ......in Lightroom. Yes, I discovered a few tips and also tried my hand at Lightroom.


For all those that attended:

Canon 5D | 24-70 2.8
Settings: Aperture Priority, f 4.5, Iso 400, WB Manual.

Processing: Those gradient things taught by Dror and conservative tweaking of sliders in Lightroom (So conservative that I can not, for the life of me remember). No presets used. 



In the second, I used the same image and played around with the "darker side"

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Love the darker treatment on the second one.
Thanks for a wonderful day, I learnt a huge amount, and it was fabulous to finally meet you IRL!

(02.24.10 @ 03:49 PM)

I would have to say "Ditto" on that, it was really nice to meet everyone!

(02.24.10 @ 06:20 PM)

I will definitely be there for the next workshop. "I hope there is going to be one"

(02.25.10 @ 09:57 AM)
Kat Forsyth:

Thank you so much, Andrea! I could have stayed there all day asking questions. And it was great to meet you after all these years of blog stalking! :-)

(02.25.10 @ 11:48 AM)

Thanks so much for sharing so much with us on Tuesday, you really did answer all the questions we wanted to know. I had a Great time. Thanks again

(02.25.10 @ 04:40 PM)

Thnaks for an awesome workshop. As a new photographer, I really felt so intimidated to be amongst such talented phtographers. I am still mulling over sending my images, thanks again I really learnt so much from everyone.

(03.01.10 @ 08:55 PM)

Ah I love this one .

(03.01.10 @ 09:08 PM)
Gavin Blok:

Thank you Andrea for an awesome workshop – It was fantastic!

(03.01.10 @ 09:59 PM)

I enjoy'd the workshop so much. You realy must consider doing it again, you've realy got no worries about speaking in public. I believe you and Dror impressed us all with skill as well as giving info. I in turn, I was anxious showing my work to such wonderful photographers!

(03.16.10 @ 10:19 AM)
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This entire week I have been steaming ahead with my workshop presentation and, I'm pleased to announce, it's finally done and dusted.   I have been up all hours, morning and night, trying to get it together for this coming Tuesday, so I'm chuffed to have finalised it in good time. 


As a result of these self-imposed extracurriculars, my obligations to the blog have gone somewhat astray and, although I promised Nancy and Paul their wedding would be posted this week, I quite simply just didn't manage any blog-time, at all.


In the meantime, however, I did eke out this sneak and I assure you I'll go through your pics over the weekend, so I can post something on Monday. Promise.



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I had been checking the weather forecast all week in an attempt to gauge whether it would rain at the weekend.


Those of you not residing in Gauteng will be oblivious to the fact that for the past four/five weeks or so, we have had rain virtually every single day.

Well, Saturday at Diane's and Trent's wedding, we had rain; not normal rain, but, true highveld thunderstorms with lightning bolts and all the extras.


During the creatives session, Trent miraculously escaped being struck by a flash of lightning - not really, but, the way he dashed down the hill leaving his new wife behind, one would have thought the electric bolt must have just missed his left foot. ;-)

The skies held on until the shoot was done, we got our crackers and Trent made it out in one piece!


From the laughs we had on the golfcart, right through to the gorgeous lattern release at the reception, the whole day turned out beautifully. Thank you Diane. Thank you Trent.


Kloofzicht-wedding-decor 55anft.jpg



















Kloofzicht Lodge photographer.jpg 





No Photoshop magic, the sky was that dark. Straight out of camera and sharpened in Photoshop. 













The lovely lattern release shot in pitch darkness, sans flash at Iso 4000. 


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Awesomenesss!!! Love all of them, especially the windy veil :)

(02.06.10 @ 09:10 AM)

Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! You guys were just awesome ! We had so much fun on the hill! Dont think Trent will ever live his scardie cat moment down!!! cant wait for the album!!! xxx

(02.06.10 @ 10:59 AM)

WOW! Awesome post Andrea - thank you for an awesome shoot :) Thanks Diane and Trent, you guys were fantastic!

(02.07.10 @ 09:35 AM)

Congratulations Di and Trent. Truly magical photos xx

(02.08.10 @ 11:52 AM)
Paul Pearce:

Absolutely stunning Andrea !
Inspirational as always.

(02.10.10 @ 12:07 PM)
Camilla Photography:

Love their stormy looking formals. Really beautiful!

(02.13.10 @ 12:46 AM)
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