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I am a mother of three boys (three boys, being punished for my sins!) and have been a fan of photography for years. I started shooting weddings seriously about five years ago. With the arrival of my twins, I decided to reduce my working hours in order to spend more time at home with my boys. Using photography to make up for the loss of income was a natural progression.

This is where you will be able to catch regular excerpts of what I am up to...


If you would like to contact me please email: andrea@andreacarlylephotography.co.za

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Another fleeting second captured, which I once again failed to see during my selection for the Blog. It's funny how, when going about the editing process, I eventually get to see all those small moments that do not always immediately catch my eye for the Blog. I seem to be in too much of a hurry when scanning through about 4,000 thumbnail images; missing small, magical instants like this.


I suppose your wedding day is very much like this: so fast, so exciting, so filled with nerves and emotion, it's all over in the blink of an eye. Given the helter-skelter of any marriage day, I reckon you would also tend to miss some of the seemingly lesser significant moments.




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Kim and Dale:

WOW!!! This is absolutely beautiful! xxx

(03.16.10 @ 09:08 PM)

So cute!

(03.17.10 @ 12:57 PM)

Aaaahhh...just gorgeous!

(03.31.10 @ 08:47 AM)
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Having shot over a hundred weddings, it's strange I have never photographed a ceremony at Avianto, which does seem to be one of the more popular Gauteng venues.

Every wedding is, of course, different and I love that.

I love the different personalities and circumstances of the day and the genuinely nice people I get to meet.  This one involved many, many emotional and tearful moments throughout the day.  There was also plenty of laughter to make up for the tears; the mother of the bride being locked in the bathroom; a petal-obsessed flower girl; an ancient Landy; a fun-loving and relaxed couple and a bride looking ever so graceful walking up a muddy hill. . . just so her selfish photographer could capture an image with the moody sky.

Thank you, both of you - we had a grand time.



















 There she is, an angelic flowergirl very serious about her role on the day...the petals had no chance.












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Gorgeous pics!!!

(03.12.10 @ 10:50 AM)

Absolutely beautiful images! Love the lavender field

(03.13.10 @ 05:03 PM)

I also love the lavendar field, together with the last one. Wow!

(03.15.10 @ 06:53 AM)

I only saw the halo above the angel now...how apt!

(03.15.10 @ 07:01 AM)

Gorgeous as always! This was a beautiful wedding with such wonderful people...you captured Nahtalie's loving nature so well, Andrea

(03.19.10 @ 08:07 AM)
Saranne Lourens:

Stunning stunning stunning. Nahts, you looked amazing and Win ever so handsome. Love you both

(03.19.10 @ 03:32 PM)
Bill & Sandy:

Fantastic photos, that capture the happy occasion so well ..........

(03.21.10 @ 02:36 PM)
Nahtalie and Winston:

I love them! Thanks so much to both of you for capturing all of what was so special to us. I cannot wait to see the rest. From the moment I saw your pics I knew that I wanted you to be behind that lens and finally here we are :) Thank you, thank you, thank you x I thought those "special" pics taken while my mom was locked in the bathroom would be here too :) My sister would kill me! Ha Ha Ha!!

(03.24.10 @ 05:09 PM)
Winsotn and Nahtalie:

Oh and by the way, my shoes didn't stand a chance after that photo shoot! When I got back from honeymoon I had such a chuckle when I saw the state they were in. ANYTHING for these pics though!

(03.24.10 @ 05:12 PM)

WOW! WOW! WOW! they are absolutely stunning....nats, you look amazing! the love that we saw on the wedding day has been captured beautifully in the photo's! xxxx

(03.24.10 @ 05:33 PM)
Andrea Carlyle:

I am so glad you like them. Sorry about them shoes, R.I.P.

"My sister would kill me" was the exact thought train that prevented me from posting them.
I do not recall that she was fully dressed?? Or quite looking her best feminine-self, whilst at her rescue mission trying to bash the toilet door open, trying desperately to save the distressed mother of the bride. ;-)

(03.24.10 @ 06:38 PM)

What a laugh!!! Definately not fully clothed but you still HAVE TO give them to me. I'll whip them out one day when it can work to my advantage :) Aaahh, sisterly love.

(03.25.10 @ 04:04 PM)
Laura: Sister of the Bride:

Yes, quite right you two!!! I would kill you both.
Although the the name "Fat pants" has become quite famous now!! He,Hee! A hysterical moment i will never forget. Oh my sussie! These pictures brought me to tears when I saw them. You look exquisite. Andrea, you have captured Nahtalie and Winston perfectly. What a talent you are!!

(03.26.10 @ 04:49 PM)
Jacqui Pratt:

Wow... an amazing couple, a beautiful day and a fantastic wedding! Thank you for inviting us to share it with you. Your pics serve as the proof of a wonderful future togeter.

(03.30.10 @ 10:52 AM)
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A while back, I completed a gorgeous shoot for a business named In Good Company, who offer a range of imported linen, tableware decorations and, basically, just lovely things!


I wanted to keep it all quiet until their newsletter was done, dusted and launched and, since it is, I can now finally reveal.


The theme of the tea party set-up was Alice in Wonderland and you can see by the images they went full-out with the styling and props. My first commercial shoot and I absolutely loved it!


More picture on the In Good Company blog.


...and wait! there is more, you can download free printable pdf files used for this bride in wonderland shoot - just click here.


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Absolutely gorgeous! I've sent the link to 2 of my eventing friends

(03.04.10 @ 07:13 AM)
Kat Forsyth:

I saw this on the blogosphere last night and got so excited when I saw you'd done the shoot! It's gorgeous! I lurve Alice in Wonderland stuff - we did our last issue of the Splendid Affairs mag with an Alice theme as well. Starting to wish I'd done it for my wedding!

(03.04.10 @ 10:32 AM)

really love the theme.. wish more "brides" were so adventurous, you really captured the "fun" in it all...

(03.05.10 @ 04:15 PM)
Maia Jordaan:

Thank you so much for sharing this! It is absolutely stunning. My events company Creative Collective is currently working on (believe it or not) TWO Alice events :) and this is truly Gorgeous & wonderful inspiration :)

(03.12.11 @ 02:12 PM)
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February 28, 2010 // Personal / Travel / Wedding

I am out of the country till Thursday with no access to my emails. If you want to receive a copy of my packages please send an email to prices@andreacarlylephotography.co.za.


I come back to warm weather on Thursday.



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I'm not really blogging, because I have a wedding today. I'm just posting one random shot, of Jay and Sarah, which hardly counts as 'blogging'.


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