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I am a mother of three boys (three boys, being punished for my sins!) and have been a fan of photography for years. I started shooting weddings seriously about five years ago. With the arrival of my twins, I decided to reduce my working hours in order to spend more time at home with my boys. Using photography to make up for the loss of income was a natural progression.

This is where you will be able to catch regular excerpts of what I am up to...


If you would like to contact me please email: andrea@andreacarlylephotography.co.za

My website is over here: www.andreacarlylephotography.co.za 

Get out your party hats, my blog has just turned one year old! It was one year ago (well I am a 5 days late with this post) when I posted my very first entry, feeling very "exposed" to this cyber world of people, and I am still here... ..and might I add, that I have kept to my promise of posting one entry a week, I think I need to celebrate with a glass of Chardonnay. I had my decor photographs ready but then changed my mind, I have decided to post the details from my very first wedding posted a year ago. Michelle and André Michelle decided to have each table different.    
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How cute are the upside down tulips? I'm loving tulips this month! It might stick till the wedding, it might not...

Every table different is such a unique idea! And that way you get to have ALL the flowers and colours you want.

Did I just beat Anne????

(05.30.08 @ 05:41 PM)

Yup Kate you beat me ha ha ha well I kinda let you beat me ha ha ha

Gorgeous Details......Very unique...going to my ideas folder

(05.30.08 @ 06:54 PM)

Oh and happy anniversary Andrea....thanks for keeping up with the blog for addicts like Kate and I

(05.30.08 @ 06:55 PM)

Yup!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop the clocks!!
Kate I think you got in there before Anne. A great acheivement!!! Sorry Anne, but we will have to award the stalker award to Kate this week. Well done kate...I did not think it was humanly possible to beat Anne!

(05.30.08 @ 07:51 PM)

Mwahaha! Looking back, I've beat her at least once before. It must be nice to have two such dedicated stalkers. Happy anniversary Andrea!

Anne, since you and I have such good taste, what other blogs do you stalk? (You know, so I can beat you to those too...)

(05.31.08 @ 11:48 AM)

One blog entry a week - that's impressive!! Congrats! Decor looks divine.

(06.04.08 @ 05:15 PM)
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This week's been a tortoise-and-hare affair. . . me the tortoise and the 7-day git, the large oversized rodent.  My earnest intention was to post these on Wednesday, but here I sit, Friday evening, armed with a well-earned glass of citrus-enhanced, oaken Chadonnay, quickly trying to get this post in before the week officially ends. So, finally, here are a few shots from last weeks wedding of Amori and Johan, held at Helderfontein Estate.  Despite the rainy start, it turned out to be a picture-perfect autumn day and everything was awesome!  (You saw how great the details were) Occasionally, just occasionally, you'll have couples knowing exactly what to do.  And Amori and Johan are, quite simply, one of those extraordinary couples. I've so many favourites - too many, in fact.   However, my BPPC (Blog Picha Post Consultant) has gone AWOL, so here's a few extra than I had planned to post.  Then again, you know about the serious "selection" problem I have. . . 'nuff said!
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OK Did you just use a swahili word? I am so freaking impressed seriously.........FYI I am at my mums in NC and I left my party to stalk the blog....Totally worth it.......OMG the low lighting and compositions....WOW WOW WOW WOW SIL (sister in law) is also stalking with me and even though we are tipsy we are LOVING the pics.....

(05.18.08 @ 01:17 AM)

Love the colours and the vine-covered backdrop - beautiful!

(05.18.08 @ 03:18 PM)

Oh man, the ones with the red leaves are just too stunning. I really wanted to look at this venue, but they were closed till late January and we kind of needed to pick a place by early Jan...oh well! It looks gorgeous! As usual I love the first one by the window. I think those are my favourite kind of Bride shot.

(05.21.08 @ 04:02 PM)

Anne on the Swahili...DH usually proof reads my blog entries to ammend my apalling grammar and punctuation. He got a bit carried away on this post and added in a few words of his own...enter the Swahili part.

(05.22.08 @ 08:38 AM)

oh my word!!! how awesome are these pictures! we love it! can't wait to see the rest...

don't know how to thank you, andrea!

(05.23.08 @ 09:51 AM)

Amori, you just did! Knowing you love them is Thank you enough

(07.07.08 @ 09:40 AM)
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I have been storing all the 'details' that I love into a folder. I was going to post these every now again, grouped by colour themes, I thought...and then came last weeks wedding where it all just matched the "Pink & Black" theme that it was just too easy to simply post from Amori & Johan's wedding! The theme 'Pink and Black'...their wedding pics in a couple of days.      
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WOW gorgeous gorgeous details.....great taste for the bride....I am so envious of her Chivari chairs

Thanks for posting these! Very inspirational

(05.14.08 @ 04:02 AM)

Oh my gosh, I was going to do something just like that for the seating cards - hanging with sparkly jewels. It just goes to show there are no original ideas left! I've also used a similar pattern for the borders of my placecards. I love these photos because they're so similar to my own wedding colours - except mine has crimson instead of pink. Thanks for posting them; I'd love to see more!

(05.14.08 @ 07:05 PM)

Please please please could you let me know where the bride had her stationery done. Also were she got those beautiful boxes and napkins. I'm doing a black and white theme for my wedding and damask is just so over done. This is stunning.

(01.08.09 @ 09:54 AM)
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I have just met with a potential new client and realised that there are certain questions that seem to be repeated with each meeting. So I've decided to address some of them right bang-smack here.  That. . .  and the truth be told, I have not had a chance to look through the images I wanted to post this week - a green garden coming soon.  At a blog near you! Do you do 'formals'?  Yes, I do shoot formals.  I just do not post them, as I find them boring, although  necessary for the album.....and granny, but boring for the blog. Are you able to do Black & White and Sepia versions?  Yes, I can and I do put these onto the final CD. It just seems like my "colour obsession" is still with me, particularly when I select for the blog. Are you able to let us know if another couple is interested in our date?  I have learnt this is not feasible, as I only take on one (or, at most, two) weddings a month it is impossible to "flag" dates. Once I get a confirmed booking, or two, for particular month I then close off that month. The first deposit secures. After seeing my sample album many clients have commented that I should actually post some album layouts on the blog...first the details now the albums - Gawd, a demanding lot!! I am in a coffee shop as I post this so do not have access to my PC and am limited to what album is on my USB stick. I have to post now as I have already missed my Monday, Tuesday deadine, and if I wait until I get home you may never see a post so it is a case of NOW or never! So, here you are a couple of layouts from an album at hand. I have deliberately selected more sepia pages to illustrate that the "colour obsession" is not so strong with the albums. I promise to post another album in a couple of weeks time and then do so on a regular basis. To the real novices out, there these are double page spreads.                 
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Holy Mother of God!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Andrea these are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!! Your album layouts and sepias are off the hook.....OMG I am so excited!!!!!!!!! I am so glad you posted these........Did I already say that I am excited? I am elated!! You are the most exciting thing about my wedding besides marrying my best friend.....I really can't wait!

(04.23.08 @ 07:27 PM)

I think Anne is excited; did you notice? :P Yes, they are seriously stunning! I'm so glad you posted some sepia just so we can see the difference. I get your colour obsession, though - your colour pics are so gorgeous. These layouts are really beautiful. I'm running out of adjectives here!

(04.26.08 @ 12:27 PM)
Nicki H:

To all those who doubt Andrea's talents ... HIRE SOMEONE ELSE!!! I have seen Andrea's work in person and ALL of it is stunning. Not just the sepia or black and white stuff. In fact, the colour pics are the most gorgeous. VIVA ANDREA CARLYLE!!! I look forward to you shooting my wedding later this year :)

(04.27.08 @ 07:48 AM)

thanks ladies...people are seriously going to start to think I am paying you!!

(04.29.08 @ 08:27 AM)
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I would just like to start off by saying, that the couples who hire me ROCK!! I think I have the best clients, with brides willing to climb on ledges, walk through the veld and even walk in/on water, clothed in their designer white creations, and all in the name of photography. Annelise and Brett are another one of those arty couples, involved in film production. When it came to the creative portraits, Annelise said they were "game for anything", and even suggested a cliff...say no more! Their wedding was a small and elegant affair and the décor details will definitely make the décor post I have been threatening to post... watch this space. Annalise's dress, although very plain and simple, was designed by De Mil Studios (featured at SA Fashion Week). I just pray that they do not, by any remote chance, come across my blog and see where their creation ended up! I am beginning to sound like a broken record here, but another awesome day out, with an awesome couple, brilliant back-up shooter (yip, was lucky once again to have Dror join me) and to experience another special day that makes me think I am lucky to be me!         
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WOW!!!!!!!!!!! Fantastic Ms. Carlyle.....they rock as usual.....the bride and groom are gorgeous too....compositons are superb! I can't wait to see the decor post.....

(04.15.08 @ 07:14 PM)

I can never get enough of the silhouette near/in front of a window type shots that you do so beautifully! There's going to be a decor post?? Bring it on!

(04.15.08 @ 07:29 PM)
Michael Tree:

Hi Andrea

Lovely images, great composition for the 1st and 2nd one.

(04.21.08 @ 09:29 AM)