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I am a mother of three boys (three boys, being punished for my sins!) and have been a fan of photography for years. I started shooting weddings seriously about five years ago. With the arrival of my twins, I decided to reduce my working hours in order to spend more time at home with my boys. Using photography to make up for the loss of income was a natural progression.

This is where you will be able to catch regular excerpts of what I am up to...


If you would like to contact me please email: andrea@andreacarlylephotography.co.za

My website is over here: www.andreacarlylephotography.co.za 


All the elements that make up a fabulous wedding were there on Friday.

A stunning bride, a handsome groom, good laughs, a picturesque venue, and beautiful details all tied into one!

Tracy and Florian just radiated happiness and are absolute naturals in front of the camera - no directing needed.

It was, quite simply, a relaxed celebration with very few of the traditional wedding rituals.

We did, however, have a couple of wardrobe laughs which I had to mention.


On the bridal-side, Tracey decided, before the wedding day, that the train of her dress was just "too much" - soooo not her ;-), so she decided to simply cut it off, as you do, much to the horror of the designer, I am sure!


On the groom-side, Florian had a major co-operation issues with his tie, getting the optimal length,  (personally I think the tie was scared of heights), which meant there were about 20 attempts to get it "just right".


Ursula and I felt truly welcome, as if we were part of the family.  We felt continually grateful to be there, to capture it all, as well being honoured to have such an important job.

Thank you both for your hospitality.

Enjoy Botswana - it's out of this world!











 The sealing "I do" kiss looks so natural that it almost looks posed, don't you think?



Moon-and-sixpence 87.jpg




The beauty of having two shooters is that you get two different perspectives on a moment, above right picture taken by Ursula (probably one of my favourites from the day) and below mine.











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Loveliness! I really like that other chapel. Meanwhile, I wanted to see a shot of her hacked-off dress train! Haha.

(04.16.09 @ 01:53 PM)
Andrea Carlyle:

It was not "hacked" off there and then, it was done before, so I was not around to photograph the massacre, although I would have loved to photograph the dress designers face.

(04.16.09 @ 02:31 PM)

Ah oops, I see you said before the wedding day...I was too much in glee at the thought of a bride sawing off her wedding dress in the bridal suite :-)

(04.16.09 @ 08:36 PM)

I would have also like to have seen the SNIP! Love the pictures in the church!

(04.17.09 @ 02:29 PM)
Josh (brother-in-law of the bride):

Andrea and Ursula - the images are amazing. These guys deserve the best and I am so glad they got it.

(04.20.09 @ 11:52 AM)

well done Andrea and Ursula - amazing pics - got goosebumps just looking at them! And you are so right about it being a relaxed and happy day - feel so blessed to have been a part of it! (happily ever after t-shirt!)

(04.20.09 @ 01:09 PM)
Andrea Carlyle:

.....which was soooooo not you!

(04.24.09 @ 04:42 PM)

hi there, these are great once again, i always pop in to see what ur up to, i was wondering the second shooter Ursula is she not Perhaps Ursula Kors? anyway loving all the pics keep posting.

(05.04.09 @ 02:45 PM)
Andrea Carlyle:

@ Mandy, Not Ursula Kors. Ursula Tocik, watch this space as she is good!!

(05.07.09 @ 05:09 PM)
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After many, many, many rainy weekends it was with great relief we had an overcast, but, DRY Saturday.

A tad heavy on the overcast side, along with constant threats of a downpour, but, it did remain DRY!


Karen and Greig were married at the Rosebank Church and chose Hazeldene Hall as their reception venue.

Even though it is most probably one of the most beautiful grand old buildings in Johannesburg, we decided to do the creatives elsewhere.


Thank you for letting Chantal and I be a part of your wedding day and for trusting me with your memories.

A fantastic time was had by all!


Another couple who belong to the "don't look good in photos" support group. (Yeah right!... these guys always hide it so well!)


A bit more than usual, but, I am sure the bride stalkers out there will not object to more photos being posted!




















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No objections here! Still trying to figure out where you took the creatives, though - is that the Brixton or Hillbrow tower there? (I don't know which is scarier! ;p) I think my faves are the two in the curved rampway (or whatever it was) - I love curvy lines.

(03.26.09 @ 03:03 PM)
Rean Kriel:

I love the urban scene, great images.

(03.26.09 @ 06:17 PM)

I would absolutely love to know where those creatives were taken! Gorgeous, I love the details of the dress in B&W

(03.27.09 @ 07:00 PM)
Andrea Carlyle:

Ok, for those dying to know......we did the creatives at Constitution Hill. A Sarajevo feel mixed with a modern concrete jungle...awesome venue to photograph.

(03.28.09 @ 04:34 AM)
Ursula :

OMG these are stunning!!!! absolutely love the location - the bride and groom look fantastic - ANDREA MY HERO, OUT DOES HERSELF YET AGAIN!!!!!!!!! :)

(03.30.09 @ 01:22 PM)
Di Betz:

What a stunning wedding, and amazing photos!!! The couple are just gorgeous. I love the concrete jungle with the softness of Karen and Greig.

(04.06.09 @ 10:04 AM)

Can anyone tell me where I can get a hold of Hazeldene Hall?

(01.14.15 @ 04:12 PM)
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I wish I could hire someone with PR skills like Amori. She has managed to get her wedding (and my pictures!) into another bridal magazine, I need some wine to celebrate!

There is also an online version that seems like a pretty useful guide for brides.




Karen & Greig's wedding in a couple of days time.


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Congrats on being published again!! What fabulous exposure!

(03.23.09 @ 05:27 PM)

Just last night I was talking to a girl in my photo class who is in charge of events at St Johns. I said I wish I'd known about one being able to have weddings there because I keep seeing picturess and it looks gorgeous. She said, "oh. did you see Andrea's pics in Konfetti?" So you're famous indeed! :-)

(03.25.09 @ 08:53 AM)
Andrea Carlyle:

Famous......I think not...aren't we all supposed to be dead before we become famous?
Did I hear you say Photography course?....contact me when you are done as you have one Evil eye!!I

(03.25.09 @ 06:41 PM)

Actually I'm done next week! I will MOST definitely! And thanks for the compliment...if 'evil' is complimentary...haha.

(03.26.09 @ 03:05 PM)

It is who u know ;-), not what u know.... Congrats, Andrea! If u're good, u're good!

(04.16.09 @ 07:49 AM)
Andrea Carlyle:

It also doesn't hurt if you have a gorgeous couple, and a bride that co-ordinates wedding for a living!!

(07.10.09 @ 07:14 PM)
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It really does make me proud and excited seeing my pictures published.

And, no less, we made the third edition of Konfetti. Well done Alisdair & Gemma. (featured on pgs 44-47)

I must also confess I just love the cover image taken by Christine Mentjies.


wedding-johannesburg St John's.jpg

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Congratulations! I saw it the other day. Beautiful stuff!

(03.09.09 @ 04:20 PM)

Well Done Andrea (not that I am suprised) - Awsome pic

(03.10.09 @ 11:41 AM)
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Introducing the wedding of Sarah and Martin . . .


Sarah's mum, Suzi, booked me and mentioned Sarah's wedding would be a fuss-free and relaxed affair - and that it was.


Martin and Sarah, who both reside in the UK, found a true undiscovered little gem when they selected Thandeka Lodge as their venue. Just the perfect bush setting for their beautiful ceremony.


There were so many little moments that made me smile and people who made me laugh, but, to mention each individual one would require a story of its own, rendering this post as long as a novel.

So let's just leave it as an awesome wedding with oodles of character.


There are a few more images than usual, but, I realise I am dealing with some seriously deprived readers, who have been tormented by the Carlyles' holiday pics and haven 't seen a wedding post in a little over two weeks...








Sarah and Martin were married in the middle of the bushveld and the venue staff had literally mowed a pathway through the grassland to create the aisle and a patch where the vows were to be exchanged.

The "church" was surrounded by savannah and the guests were seated on hay bales.








Sarah being walked down the "aisle" by her dad




Another obsession of mine is flare, and a little OTT on the flare side, but, I love this pic.

To me, it really does "tell the story...as it was".

Eccentric priest, scorcher of a day and exchanging vows in the middle of the African Bush.












Thank you Sarah & Martin for being so understanding, and thank you Belinda and Jonathan for helping out. 


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Just beautiful! As always...You should always post this many pics - I love seeing the story of the day unfold! the flare pic is my favourite too, and the clouds in the last few are just gorgeous!

(03.05.09 @ 06:08 PM)

Oh wow, what a gorgeous setting. Love the little touch with the grass being tied back.

(03.05.09 @ 07:10 PM)
Martin & Sarah:

Yay, yay, yay! Thank you Andrea, we are absolutely delighted with the photos...can't wait for the rest.

(03.08.09 @ 02:24 PM)
tammy orlando:

Wow, these are really gorgeous ! Well done, you managed to capture the tangible love between martin and sarah.. really stunning!

(03.09.09 @ 08:32 AM)
Elize Du Toit:

WOW! Sarah & Martin these photo's really does capture the love between you and the pics are amazing!

(03.23.09 @ 10:01 AM)
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