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I am a mother of three boys (three boys, being punished for my sins!) and have been a fan of photography for years. I started shooting weddings seriously about five years ago. With the arrival of my twins, I decided to reduce my working hours in order to spend more time at home with my boys. Using photography to make up for the loss of income was a natural progression.

This is where you will be able to catch regular excerpts of what I am up to...


If you would like to contact me please email: andrea@andreacarlylephotography.co.za

My website is over here: www.andreacarlylephotography.co.za 

I promised Lorin that I would post her wedding pics this week, and am once again struggling with the blog selection. I am "buying time" with this post.

I still have two days left, I promise Lorin, they will appear this week.

Some reception pictures from Chantal & JP's wedding. wedding-reception.jpg



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Lisa Galt:

I LOVE the dress picture that is on the wall, next to the mirror. It is so elegant and beautiful. You take amazing photographs that capture moments a bride will cherish forever!!

(10.13.09 @ 01:15 AM)
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Back to feeling human again, a bit of a croaky cough, but hey!, human, finally!

Whilst I do hate being sick, there is something that felt good about sleeping for an entire day, (and not feeling guilty). Years of young children and sleep deprivation all caught up in three days!.

BUT (there is always one of them in the equation) while it's always good to have a full day of sleep, albeit with the most ghastly flu, there is always that dreaded return to the (enter four letter word) WORK.

Editing, emails and the rest pile up, deadlines have to be shifted and you invariably end up more stressed than you were before you became sick.

No post without a pic, back to the grindstone tonight and an overlooked beaut from Chantal & Jp's wedding.



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Simply Beautiful!

(06.15.09 @ 11:20 AM)
Paul Pearce:

Stunning !!
I love the misty look on the right, looks like something from the Hollywood era of Marilyn Munroe.
Sniff, I think I have picked up your cold. My turn for deep impact.
All the best......

(06.15.09 @ 04:28 PM)
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Another thing I planned on doing on a regular basis was to post client testimonials. As you can see it has not happened!

So here you are two for now, and I will try and post one every now and then.


Dear Andrea
I don't think I can get everything I want to say in this email because you guys were just incredible.  Florian and I wanted to thank you and Ursula.  You both were just amazing on our wedding day.  So many of our friends and family commented on you guys and said how professional and friendly you were.  You are such a hoot, you made us feel so relaxed and we really enjoyed the day.  I feel like we will have the most amazing photographs and we hardly posed for a single one.  That actually says more about you both than it does about us. 
We were completely uncontactable for most of our honeymoon and towards the end we managed to get an internet connection at one of the lodges.  We were so excited when we saw the blog.  The glimpse into the day looks amazing.
It was so lovely to have you both at our wedding.  It felt like you were our guests and friends and not one of our suppliers.  Thank you for making our day so special.  We cannot wait to see the finished product.
Thanks again.
Tracy and Florian




I have a hidden agenda for the next one, one reason for posting this one is that I am glad to hear that even after close to two years, couples still love their photo's. But the main motive was that I wanted to see this picture BIG on the new blog.


Hi Andrea
David and I have been married now for over a year and a half (I just can't believe how quickly time goes by). I still visit your website every now and again, every time I'm amazed by your wonderful photos.
It brings back so many good memories and I'm so glad we chose you as our photographer for our special day in Clarens.
May you have many more success stories and thousands of excellent award-winning photos!
Liza-Mari (and David)






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Paul Pearce:

What has happened to the Blog crawlers?
I will break the ice then, LOL. Sorry this is all I can muster as my words of grandeur elude me and I think all I can mutter is WOW!!!
I love the colours in the last photo, makes me feel I need a holiday.
Keep doing what you do best, bringing tears to the eyes of your clients.

(06.09.09 @ 08:45 AM)

Awsome pics Andrea (as always), and to Tracy and Florian, thank you for a wonderful day, we had such fun! loved being a part of your special day.

(06.15.09 @ 10:07 AM)
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What an amazing, glorious wedding Carl & Desirée had! They held the ceremony on a hilltop, overlooking the spectacular Namibian landscape, which seriously felt like the top of the world - absolutely breathtaking!


It was my first visit to Namibia and I was overwhelmed with how many spots I wanted to drag everybody to pose for photos...


It was amazing - inside and out. A rustic, African bush wedding with an intimate feel to it!


Words will, once again, not be able to paint this picture, so hopefully the photographs will do a better job.


Thank you Desirée & Carl for an unforgettable experience!




Namibia-Wedding (3).jpg



Namibia-Wedding-photographer j.jpg


I just had to show you Desirée's shoes






Namibia-wedding (2).jpg


My first attempt at a panoramic shot, four photographs stitched together, just to show you the setting. 

At the time I couldn't understand why we had to drive so far to the ceremony, until we got there, and I saw the view.












 Venue: goche ganas, Namibia






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Ruby Slippers:

Oh wow, that's gorgeous! Lucky you getting to shoot somewhere so lovely!

(05.23.09 @ 10:19 AM)

Absolutely STUNNING!! Love the starkness of the landscape

(05.23.09 @ 07:17 PM)

Wow.Die schoenste Braut in der ganzen Welt.

(05.26.09 @ 09:20 AM)

Oh Andrea, these pictures are wonderful! And you're right - the veil actually does look amazing in that shot :-) WOW.... we can't WAIT to see the rest of them. Thank you thank you thank you!!

(05.26.09 @ 09:23 AM)
Andrea Carlyle:

Those not in the know, Desiree's veil, thanks to the wind, got caught in the thorn tree. I had to plead for her to leave it there just a little longe, so that I could get the shot.

(05.26.09 @ 03:37 PM)
Yvonne Ryan:

What glorious photographs and what a fantastic wedding. They are just gorgeous and you both look like film stars! yxx

(05.26.09 @ 07:20 PM)
Paul Pearce:

Andrea, Andrea !!!!
I do have a passport you know !
Just pulling your leg. I always love the way your shots just pop with colour and feeling.
Well done my friend !!

(05.28.09 @ 01:41 PM)


(06.15.09 @ 10:48 AM)
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It's been awefully quiet on the blog front. Just a quick note to let you know, I am still here and will be posting Careen and Andrew's wedding this week.

The image is a teaser from their wedding.

a African-Wedding.jpg



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Now you are not being very fair to your loyal followers LOL.
I am sure they are holding their breath for the rest of your, as always, spectacular work.
Nice one Andrea.

(05.12.09 @ 10:52 AM)
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