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I am a mother of three boys (three boys, being punished for my sins!) and have been a fan of photography for years. I started shooting weddings seriously about five years ago. With the arrival of my twins, I decided to reduce my working hours in order to spend more time at home with my boys. Using photography to make up for the loss of income was a natural progression.

This is where you will be able to catch regular excerpts of what I am up to...


If you would like to contact me please email: andrea@andreacarlylephotography.co.za

My website is over here: www.andreacarlylephotography.co.za 

Jake has a very cute habit, at the moment,  which tends to bring on a wide smile.


When ever he is given a treat, like a sweet, he shreaks in the most over-exaggerated and over-enthusiastic voice.... "WOW WEE!" (insert huge excited eyes) that it makes my heart have hysterics.


While editing Trevor and Vivien's wedding, recently, I came across this one and just thought of Jake screeching "WOW WEE!".


I am not sure how I previously overlooked it for the blog selection, although, it was kept aside in a to-post folder, a little late, but, here it is. . .



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Trevor (aka Kevin :-) ):

WOW WEEEE - what a lucky guy!!! :-)

(01.13.09 @ 09:25 AM)
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I'm trying to finalise Anne and Warwick's wedding pic's......Yep, that behind!! Found this little "beaut" taken by Chantal Madgwick, my second shooter on the day. Too Cute! 





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Things that make me smile . . . DJ Vlokkie (and his groupies), glittering disco balls, a club called 'Night Fever', Jake the wedding co-ordinator and a ceremony overlooking Pongolapoort Dam.




Trevor and Vivien chose Pongola Game Reserve as their wedding venue - and, what a spectacular setting it was. Guests were treated to a sunset cruise on the dam, whilst we drove around the game reserve sipping champagne and occasionally snapping a few pics of the newly weds.... Oh! (raise right hand to forehead and insert sigh) What a tough job I have!




Trevor and Vivien are just made for the camera - I could photograph them all day! They actually remind me a little of Kevin Costner and Katie Homes, my first celebrity wedding in the bush!




Alas, no long write up, as I will really fall short in describing what was a truly enchanting weekend. Thank you to the both of you for being so hospitable. Without further ado, here they are ....more than usual I am afraid, but we were spoilt with two hours for the portraits.   





  bush wedding 01a.jpg


















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Oh, fab! You should always post this many photos, Andrea! Have I said this before? I feel like I've said this before...) :P

(11.22.08 @ 03:56 PM)

Wait a minute... did you shoot Kevin Costner's wedding?

(11.23.08 @ 11:08 PM)

Andrea, you are amazing..I know you had really pretty people to shoot, but these are still WOW!!
I hope you got a good one of the "Pongola hair"
You were such fun to have around - like a new friend - with a camera!
Remember: START A PARTY!

(11.24.08 @ 01:36 PM)
Kevin Costner (aka Trevor):


(11.24.08 @ 03:10 PM)

Thanks Kevin, hope Kate enjoys them too!
At Pongola hair, I am not sure my lens was wide enough to get it all in that was BIG hair!!

(11.25.08 @ 03:08 AM)

On se croirait dans un conte de fée !
Lovely pictures but the stars of the day y sont pour quelque chose ...

(11.25.08 @ 07:33 AM)

Those that do not understand French (Like myself) google translate sez:

"One would believe oneself in a fairy tale!
Lovely pictures drank the stars off the day are there for something...

(11.25.08 @ 02:15 PM)
Malie Botes:

Hi, i was peeking at your fotos, and we like it a lot, were are you siuated. My dogter is getting married at Amorello, and was wondering if you can give me a quote.

(06.07.12 @ 06:44 PM)
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I am busy editing Bonny & Franco's wedding at the moment, and I came accross this image. It made me smile ... so I had to post it. This tends to happen often, I rush when selecting for the blog and miss "little beauts" like this one.

Wedding Dress shot.jpg

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Oh, that is too sweet :-)

(11.12.08 @ 01:54 PM)

Welcome back Katherine, hope you had a great honeymoon!! Glad to see the stalkerazzi tendancies have not died after the wedding!!

(11.12.08 @ 05:22 PM)

LOL, love the dog in the shot. What a stunning dress!

(11.12.08 @ 07:24 PM)

So gorgeous!
In hindsight I wish we'd done a pic or two with my little munchkins (2 pugs ... brothers!) while you were here .. ah well :)

(11.12.08 @ 07:29 PM)

I think Bonny secretly always wanted - Jamie (the little pooch) to be a part of the wedding... Well it looks as if her debut was a success - love the shot, its a keeper! :)

(11.13.08 @ 05:02 AM)

Hey Andrea - I don't think my stalkerazzi tendencies are ever going to die, though I did prune my google reader of some rubbish. Tanja told me you were sick; I hope you're feeling better now! And yes, fab honeymoon from which I'm still recovering! Pictures on my blog soon. :-)

(11.13.08 @ 06:36 AM)
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I've written my "blurb" here about Franco and Bonny ... blah blah, and then did something really brainless and it all just withered away. So now my blah blah is departed... RIP. Who needs it anyway? We just want to see the photos!


As a result, I'm feeling a little guilty, so I'll divulge a little about their day...


We were at St Johns again, which now makes it two in a row for me. It would appear my venues have become a little like buses: nothing and then two at a time, and at the self-same venue. We were somewhat restricted this time round, as most of the venue had been cordoned off, on account of a firework display later that evening. Oh, and I really must mention their wedding was AMAZING!!!!! 


Bonny looked absolutely breathtaking in her dress, in fact, very vintage - so I had to play with a vintage treatment or two!           We had a ray of light in the church which made some beautiful photographs, Bonny stood just in the right spot. This is my favourite of the lot, taken by Chantal.  

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Beautiful! I'm loving the third one, with the bride reflected like that...mmmm. And so gorgeously vintage!

(10.15.08 @ 08:37 PM)
Paul Pearce:

at the rate you are going dear i am going to have to vote for you as one of the top 10 wedding photogs in SA.
I am always amazed at your level of detail. You inspire me alot and one day i might be good enough to work in your shadow.
Keep up the good work and see you around.

(10.18.08 @ 12:08 PM)

Thank you for the very kind words Paul

(10.19.08 @ 04:18 AM)
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