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I am a mother of three boys (three boys, being punished for my sins!) and have been a fan of photography for years. I started shooting weddings seriously about five years ago. With the arrival of my twins, I decided to reduce my working hours in order to spend more time at home with my boys. Using photography to make up for the loss of income was a natural progression.

This is where you will be able to catch regular excerpts of what I am up to...


If you would like to contact me please email: andrea@andreacarlylephotography.co.za

My website is over here: www.andreacarlylephotography.co.za 

David Beckstead, I've mentioned him before, the international wedding photographer that specialises in destination weddings and has won many awards, he held a workshop in SA in November. Well a while back David set up a website www.admiredbybeckstead.com to showcase wedding images from around the world that inspire him. There is no commercial reason, it's just a showcase of cool wedding images that inspire him personally. In his own words: "This site is for juicy photographers only! All boring 'sit in the box, untasty' photographers need not apply" "You can't pay me to put one of your images here, I decide what I like" I am incredibly flattered to announce that David Beckstead has chosen one of my images for this exclusive collection. http://www.admiredbybeckstead.com/?i=421 liza-david-blog14.jpg
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You go GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK NOT at all shocked that you made into the coveted site!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You rock!!!!! August couldn't get here fast enough!!!!!

YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally the world gets to appreciate African Talent.........

(12.09.07 @ 03:30 AM)

Hi Andrea, congratulations.

(12.10.07 @ 11:12 AM)

I must admit I never thought I’d see a site with great wedding photographers around the world where Sergio from Amorphia, Jerry Ghionis and Anna Kuperberg were featured.. and little Ol' Andrea Carlyle from South Africa….maybe David made an error? Keep checking the site to see if my pic is still there!

(12.12.07 @ 04:37 AM)
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You get weddings where you know your place and you're "The Help" and there are those you get where you feel so comfortable that you think...Hey! I'm uncle Bob! WELL this was an "Uncle Bob" wedding.


To those unfamiliar with 'Uncle Bob', he's the member of your family with the 'expensive' camera - the one with lotsa megapixels!... and he always annoys the "official" photographer at weddings.


He is an Expert, please note the capital 'E', in photography, does it as a hobby and always brings his camera to family gatherings.


To the "wedding photographer" he is the one (together with the videographer) whose butt will obstruct every magic moment on your wedding pictures! You know Uncle Bob since you were "this high" so he generally snaps good pics as you feel comfortable with him.


Kerry-Anne's and Derek's wedding was just that ... a special gathering. ..with close family, friends and "Uncle Bob"  - times two..I shot with Dror, I was "Bob 1" and Dror was "Bob 2" ...twins in this family! 


I had that warm "fuzzy" feeling throughout the day....and admit that their vows made "ice-lady" shed a tear, thank gawd I had my camera to hide behind, so no one saw! I swear I was never this emotional before, it must be the medication.


Thank you Kerry-Anne and Derek for a "Grand" day out, I'd do it again tommorrow ....and the next day!!! The rain held back and I got my green field! Here are my favourites from this very special day, tried to keep the numbers down but "Uncle Bob" insisted I include 'em all...

 wedding-photographer-01jpg1.jpg  wedding-photographer-022.jpg Kerry-Anne has a shoe fettish...so basically I would not get paid if I did not post this!  wedding-photographer-032.jpg wedding-photographer-042.jpg wedding-photographer-052.jpg  wedding-photographer-062.jpg  wedding-photographer-073.jpg wedding-photographer-082.jpg  wedding-photographer-091.jpg  wedding-photographer-102.jpg  wedding-photographer-113.jpg wedding-photographer-122.jpg  Another cool detail ...popcorn for confetti!  wedding-photographer-133.jpg  wedding-photographer-142.jpg wedding-photographer-152.jpg  wedding-photographer-17.jpg wedding-photographer-18.jpg  wedding-photographer-19.jpg wedding-photographer-20.jpg Uncle Bob 2 got this shot

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Jules Morgan:

Absolutely beautiful as usual.. and your comments on 'Uncle Bob' had me laughing out loud!

(11.30.07 @ 06:13 AM)
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Mojabeng and Puso wanted to take their "creative" pics before the ceremony as both did not want to leave their guests throughout the wedding.

We did not want to loose that "first time I saw you down the aisle", so with the bridal party we set up a senario, where we could capture that first moment that Puso and Mojabeng set eyes on each other.

 I must be honest this was the most emotional  meetup I have experienced.  I initially wanted to post a series of 5 pics of this moment, filled with emotion, but decided to hold back as these pics are so emotive and special that I felt it was best that Puso and Majobeng saw these in private.


I shot with Wesley (watch this space..Wes will soon be kicking my ass on the wedding photography side!) we both got some stunning images , here are a couple of highlights from their day...  wedding-photographer-01jpg.jpg  wedding-photographer-031.jpg wedding-photographer-041.jpg  wedding-photographer-051.jpg  wedding-photographer-061.jpg wedding-photographer-071.jpg  wedding-photographer-081.jpg wedding-photographer-101.jpg Majobeng's sister kisses her dad before walking down the aisle  wedding-photographer-112.jpg  wedding-photographer-121.jpg wedding-photographer-132.jpg  wedding-photographer-141.jpg  wedding-photographer-151.jpg wedding-photographer-16.jpg

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WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! Are (expletive) kidding me...these are great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a gorgeous couple and wedding

That dress shot eccezionale! magnifico!

(11.21.07 @ 04:50 PM)
Mario Sales:

ANDREA THESE ARE TREMENDOUS, you have captured emotion and feeling between a couple in love. Congrats.
p.s Where can I buy a pair of those fast shoes?

(11.21.07 @ 09:45 PM)

Not sure where we can get them...At the moment I need 6 pairs!!!!!!!!!

Trust Anne to spot the designer dress...It's by Melissa Botha she is THE dress designer in SA at the moment!

(11.22.07 @ 04:48 AM)
mary jane maake:

I have never seen anything this beautifull,i must say its breathtaking.yoooooh!am truly happy for them.

(12.04.07 @ 11:26 AM)
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I was counting the sleeps to the David Beckstead workshop. David Beckstead to those that are living in Kuzbekistan (and my dear husband) is an international award-winning wedding photographer specialising in Destination Weddings. He has been voted one of the top 10 wedding photographers in the world. He is the "Lord Lichfield" of wedding photography. OK, so the example used is a little outdated, but you know what I mean! In true Andrea-Fashion, the photography workshop, which was the highlight of my year (sad but true) ...and what happens on Wednesday morning.....I can barely walk, one of them "friggin" three midgets must have caused something in my back to snap. I could barely move. My husband was mortified that I insisted on attending and knew, by my glares, that his demands that I go to a Chiropractor first were falling on deaf ears. Nothing a dozen Voltaren's couldn't fix. For two days I walked like John Wayne in spasm, but I was truely in my element. award-winning-01.jpg award-winning-05.jpg award-winning-04.jpg award-winning-03.jpg  award-winning-06.jpg  award-winning-02.jpg award-winning-07.jpg award-winning-08.jpg
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You did well "John Wayne"

(11.15.07 @ 12:43 PM)
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No wedding photographs this week! Kinda old news just haven't posted, those that read my blog will realise that all is posted at least a week after the event, so nothing new here! I have been featured within an on-line web-magazine, and felt really flattered as I was up there with the likes of Mario Sales, Dror Eyal and Jean-Pierre Uys, who is the Fair Lady/Sarie/True Love Magazine '2006 Wedding Photographer of the Year'. I did feel a little out of my league but also honoured to be featured with these photographers. I am not sure how to describe the on-line magazine so will quote directly from their description; "Admired in Africa is about the best photographers in Africa currently working in Africa. Not the the arty, too cool for the world or the guns blazing into war zones guys. The one's that are making a living photographing, photographing maternities, portraits, lifestyle, fashion and yes, weddings"  wedding-photographer1.jpg If you are interested in the interview you can have a look here  http://www.admiredinafrica.co.za/andrea.php Excuse me while I go and find a pedestal to stand on....providing my head will fit through the door!
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Pity link no longer work. :(

(08.04.08 @ 09:42 PM)
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