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I am a mother of three boys (three boys, being punished for my sins!) and have been a fan of photography for years. I started shooting weddings seriously about five years ago. With the arrival of my twins, I decided to reduce my working hours in order to spend more time at home with my boys. Using photography to make up for the loss of income was a natural progression.

This is where you will be able to catch regular excerpts of what I am up to...


If you would like to contact me please email: andrea@andreacarlylephotography.co.za

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I received a call from my brother last week Thursday, enquiring what plans I had for the following Friday. . . because. . . he and Ursula were getting married.


Well, the original courthouse ceremony kinda transformed itself into a very cosy affair under the trees at the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens.


Whipped together in just a week, but, really in essence, what it was all about was the sacred exchanging of vows in the presence of those closest to you in your life.


I, or should I say they, were very, very lucky to have Dror join us. I am not really sure if he was there as a guest or second-shooter, but I did not hear the end of it from the newlyweds, that wicked sense of humour and great images...it does not get better! (You can see what he snapped here www.droreyal.co.za/blog/ )


Congrats Mike and Ursula - here is a peak, as I know you're both yearning to see!

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Ursula now Tocik:

WOW!!! Andrea - I have been dying to have a sneak preview - and this has blown me away!!!
what a talent you have (and awfully nice you are part of the family too). You and Dror are sensational!!!!! Thank you so so so so so so much for making the day even more special. XX

(07.28.08 @ 02:28 PM)

I can't believe they managed to pull together a wedding in a WEEK, but good for them and they got your beautiful photos too! I love the glowing look they have! Lovely.

(07.28.08 @ 04:53 PM)

Oh wow, that is stunning!!
Were the photos taken there? I LOVE the setting with the long grass

(07.28.08 @ 07:00 PM)

Yes, Jenty the pics were taken in the botanical gardens after the ceremony.

(07.28.08 @ 07:10 PM)

WOW this are superb! I now think that their is a conspiracy against me...ISP issues

I love the pics....Your brother is a mega hottie and so is his wife.....gorgeous couple, gorgeous pics....I am so jealous...I love how they went intimate and she wore a brown dress....very cool...can't even image what the album will look like


(07.30.08 @ 07:58 PM)

Stunning pics Andrea! Cant believe it turned out to be such a stunning day - suppose the pictures in the courthouse would've been a slight different color :-)

Can't wait to see all of them!
Ursula's bestest workfriend :-)

(08.04.08 @ 01:10 PM)
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Terms such as The world's leading-edge photographer and IT Queen will never be thrown my way, as I am what marketers refer to as a "late adaptor".


I have noticed that there is an international trend for wedding photographers to showcase their images in the form of a slideshow, but ignored this. Being the "laggard" I am, I was a little sceptical about these slideshows. First of all, you need sound and bandwidth in order for them to fulfil their purpose, which not everyone has.

Secondly, most of us stalk sites during working hours (pretending to work), so generally the sound is muted, so as not to blow our cover.  Andrea demonstrates the secret Stalkerazzi sign..... It takes one to know one :-)


Consequently, slideshows were not really on the must-have agenda, until the "late developer" received a gift in the form of slideshow software. After seeing one of my weddings in slideshow format, with sound and bandwith, I was almost reduced to tears. So, hold on to your chairs ladies and gentlemen, the "laggard" has arrived!


Not only have I created a slideshow (the easy part) , I have also figured out how to...here comes a big four-letter IT word ....fttp-up the damn thing (the harder part, which took me days to figure out).


Note before viewing.   In order to make these things LIVE, you have to obtain a "hosting site" in order to store files and since this inaugural slideshow was/is more of an experiment, I just signed up for the first free one I could find... hence the annoying little ad at the top. Please ignore it. And ...drumroll........here it is.



You may have to copy and paste the url, as the link through does not always work. Wait for the slideshow to load before you press play, otherwise you get stops where it needs to loadup.

You can see it loading on the long bottom grey bar. Fellow stalkerazzi....this one needs sound so save it for home.



You may have to copy and paste the url, as the link through does not always work. Wait for the slideshow to load before you press play, otherwise you get stops where it needs to loadup.
You can see it loading on the long bottom grey bar. Fellow stalkerazzi....this one needs sound so save it for home.

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Wow, stunning stunning stunning! I always wanted to see more of this wedding! I'm also always sceptical of slideshows because often they take ages to load, but yours didn't at all. I'm also still vaguely sad that we never got to look at Helderfontein, because they were closed for the first half of January, and FH was going to be in Cape Town after they opened until Feb, and we really needed to make a venue decision before that. But it looks so beautiful!

Good job, and a great way to see more pics!

(07.07.08 @ 06:19 AM)

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OM freaking G!!!!!!!!!!!

You can't be serious!!!!!!!! I mean to look at a handful of pics on the blog is a TREAT!!! WHOA!!!!!!!! Gorgeous!......To look at these slide from you is (#$@!$#!@$#%# Heaven!!) ....How on earth do you and BPC narrow them down....I would have posted ALL of them on the blog if it was me......I knew you had GREAT PICS! But damn!!! I have never seen such slide like this that has all amazing pics...Most have a good number but the others are OK...All of these pics are fantastic!!!

I have been reduced to tears..the holy spirit has come upon me and they are not even my pics...I am beyond speechless!!!! OMFG!!!

IT queen you might not be....but photography genius I bow down!! I really just need to stop before I continue embarrassing myself....I can't even articulate what I am feeling! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! For feeding my addiction and I am confident I speak on behalf of your stalkerrazzis' lurkers and all.....Andrea for President...(US that is ha ha ha)

On a funny note....Wordpress spell check does not like the word stalkerrazzi...the suggested word is DEERSTALKER ha ha ha I guess the fact that I wake up at odd hours of the night to stalk your blog means Wordpress is onto me..I am sure this is what real deerstalkers do....ha ha ha

(07.07.08 @ 07:14 AM)
Rean Kriel:

Hi Andrea

Brilliant as usual.


(07.07.08 @ 07:56 PM)

Oh man, I just watched it again! Even more moving the second time. Gooorgeous!

(07.07.08 @ 09:43 PM)

I have just watched the video. And you are a GENIUS !!! The photo's are stunning. I'm in awe of your talent, my friend...

(07.09.08 @ 10:59 AM)

hi there, your link its not working anymore, maybe ask the company that did your website just to host it in one of the folders of the site.
that way your "cap" on the free site wont run out.
but im pretty sure your blog being wordpress, you can load it here aswell?

(07.11.08 @ 11:30 AM)

Thanks for the alert Mandy, will see if I managed to do what you sugest over the weekend...the mere thought of doing web stuff makes me sip another drop of chardonnay...it's suicide hour I am allowed!

In an attempt to avoid any hosting web programming this weekend..I found if you just type the linkin it works.


(07.11.08 @ 03:40 PM)

Wordpress would not let me type in the rest of my comment...no more space to type...and I did try scoll down :-).
So here is the second bit..wordpress, looked into it, I can't, not with the version I have.
But will try find my website bits...if the site is down Monday you know why

(07.11.08 @ 03:48 PM)
Mario Sales:

What can I say, just looved it. Grown men don't cry but then again I'm still a boy, so it's allowed. Great work Andrea. My favourite the slice out of the cake- pricless and original. Well done.

(07.13.08 @ 10:08 PM)
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Get out your party hats, my blog has just turned one year old! It was one year ago (well I am a 5 days late with this post) when I posted my very first entry, feeling very "exposed" to this cyber world of people, and I am still here... ..and might I add, that I have kept to my promise of posting one entry a week, I think I need to celebrate with a glass of Chardonnay. I had my decor photographs ready but then changed my mind, I have decided to post the details from my very first wedding posted a year ago. Michelle and André Michelle decided to have each table different.    
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How cute are the upside down tulips? I'm loving tulips this month! It might stick till the wedding, it might not...

Every table different is such a unique idea! And that way you get to have ALL the flowers and colours you want.

Did I just beat Anne????

(05.30.08 @ 05:41 PM)

Yup Kate you beat me ha ha ha well I kinda let you beat me ha ha ha

Gorgeous Details......Very unique...going to my ideas folder

(05.30.08 @ 06:54 PM)

Oh and happy anniversary Andrea....thanks for keeping up with the blog for addicts like Kate and I

(05.30.08 @ 06:55 PM)

Yup!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop the clocks!!
Kate I think you got in there before Anne. A great acheivement!!! Sorry Anne, but we will have to award the stalker award to Kate this week. Well done kate...I did not think it was humanly possible to beat Anne!

(05.30.08 @ 07:51 PM)

Mwahaha! Looking back, I've beat her at least once before. It must be nice to have two such dedicated stalkers. Happy anniversary Andrea!

Anne, since you and I have such good taste, what other blogs do you stalk? (You know, so I can beat you to those too...)

(05.31.08 @ 11:48 AM)

One blog entry a week - that's impressive!! Congrats! Decor looks divine.

(06.04.08 @ 05:15 PM)
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This week's been a tortoise-and-hare affair. . . me the tortoise and the 7-day git, the large oversized rodent.  My earnest intention was to post these on Wednesday, but here I sit, Friday evening, armed with a well-earned glass of citrus-enhanced, oaken Chadonnay, quickly trying to get this post in before the week officially ends. So, finally, here are a few shots from last weeks wedding of Amori and Johan, held at Helderfontein Estate.  Despite the rainy start, it turned out to be a picture-perfect autumn day and everything was awesome!  (You saw how great the details were) Occasionally, just occasionally, you'll have couples knowing exactly what to do.  And Amori and Johan are, quite simply, one of those extraordinary couples. I've so many favourites - too many, in fact.   However, my BPPC (Blog Picha Post Consultant) has gone AWOL, so here's a few extra than I had planned to post.  Then again, you know about the serious "selection" problem I have. . . 'nuff said!
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OK Did you just use a swahili word? I am so freaking impressed seriously.........FYI I am at my mums in NC and I left my party to stalk the blog....Totally worth it.......OMG the low lighting and compositions....WOW WOW WOW WOW SIL (sister in law) is also stalking with me and even though we are tipsy we are LOVING the pics.....

(05.18.08 @ 01:17 AM)

Love the colours and the vine-covered backdrop - beautiful!

(05.18.08 @ 03:18 PM)

Oh man, the ones with the red leaves are just too stunning. I really wanted to look at this venue, but they were closed till late January and we kind of needed to pick a place by early Jan...oh well! It looks gorgeous! As usual I love the first one by the window. I think those are my favourite kind of Bride shot.

(05.21.08 @ 04:02 PM)

Anne on the Swahili...DH usually proof reads my blog entries to ammend my apalling grammar and punctuation. He got a bit carried away on this post and added in a few words of his own...enter the Swahili part.

(05.22.08 @ 08:38 AM)

oh my word!!! how awesome are these pictures! we love it! can't wait to see the rest...

don't know how to thank you, andrea!

(05.23.08 @ 09:51 AM)

Amori, you just did! Knowing you love them is Thank you enough

(07.07.08 @ 09:40 AM)
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I have been storing all the 'details' that I love into a folder. I was going to post these every now again, grouped by colour themes, I thought...and then came last weeks wedding where it all just matched the "Pink & Black" theme that it was just too easy to simply post from Amori & Johan's wedding! The theme 'Pink and Black'...their wedding pics in a couple of days.      
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WOW gorgeous gorgeous details.....great taste for the bride....I am so envious of her Chivari chairs

Thanks for posting these! Very inspirational

(05.14.08 @ 04:02 AM)

Oh my gosh, I was going to do something just like that for the seating cards - hanging with sparkly jewels. It just goes to show there are no original ideas left! I've also used a similar pattern for the borders of my placecards. I love these photos because they're so similar to my own wedding colours - except mine has crimson instead of pink. Thanks for posting them; I'd love to see more!

(05.14.08 @ 07:05 PM)

Please please please could you let me know where the bride had her stationery done. Also were she got those beautiful boxes and napkins. I'm doing a black and white theme for my wedding and damask is just so over done. This is stunning.

(01.08.09 @ 09:54 AM)
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