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I am a mother of three boys (three boys, being punished for my sins!) and have been a fan of photography for years. I started shooting weddings seriously about five years ago. With the arrival of my twins, I decided to reduce my working hours in order to spend more time at home with my boys. Using photography to make up for the loss of income was a natural progression.

This is where you will be able to catch regular excerpts of what I am up to...


If you would like to contact me please email: andrea@andreacarlylephotography.co.za

My website is over here: www.andreacarlylephotography.co.za 

No wedding photographs this week! Kinda old news just haven't posted, those that read my blog will realise that all is posted at least a week after the event, so nothing new here! I have been featured within an on-line web-magazine, and felt really flattered as I was up there with the likes of Mario Sales, Dror Eyal and Jean-Pierre Uys, who is the Fair Lady/Sarie/True Love Magazine '2006 Wedding Photographer of the Year'. I did feel a little out of my league but also honoured to be featured with these photographers. I am not sure how to describe the on-line magazine so will quote directly from their description; "Admired in Africa is about the best photographers in Africa currently working in Africa. Not the the arty, too cool for the world or the guns blazing into war zones guys. The one's that are making a living photographing, photographing maternities, portraits, lifestyle, fashion and yes, weddings"  wedding-photographer1.jpg If you are interested in the interview you can have a look here  http://www.admiredinafrica.co.za/andrea.php Excuse me while I go and find a pedestal to stand on....providing my head will fit through the door!
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Pity link no longer work. :(

(08.04.08 @ 09:42 PM)
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They met at "268 Staines" in London....and guests travelled from all over the world to see a South African by the name of "Sparky" exchange vows with a "Scandanavian Goddess" by the name of Eva.


The venue was perfect......the weather..... almost tooooo perfect (for a photographer) and our couple were ......well.....just perfect! Eva and Matt were incredibly lucky to get a dramatic African Backdrop (with no rain!) to compliment their simple, yet unique day.


 A day that was filled with emotion, laughs .......and guests with nicknames, that, alone would warrant a post! Shawn the Prawn, Big Dog, Rick Baby-Cakes, Buggy...I won't go on! Once again I was honoured to have Dror Eyal shoot with me and, between the two of us, we got some pretty cool stuff.


Eva and Matt you both ROCK! Thank you so much for having us at your wedding. I am glad we were both available! Here you are, a sneak peak... evablog01.jpg evablog02.jpg evablog03.jpg evablog04.jpg evablog06.jpg evablog08.jpg evablog09.jpg  evablog10.jpg evablog11.jpg  evablog12.jpg evablog13.jpg  evablog14.jpg  evablog15.jpg evablog16.jpg evablog17.jpg evablog18.jpg  evablog19.jpg For those that want to know.....I can see it at a glance...obviously!   The "masters" shots are ...middle pic in 1, 6, 7, 10, 15 and 16 . On another note, I found out, recently, one of my couples, Gen and Greg, has been nominated for "Wedding of the Year" at Oakfield Farm - you have my vote guys!!....although I have it on the "QT" that we are up against a "second shooter" I often use....no names this time!

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Eva Watson:

Wow, stunning, awesome, I honestly never knew I could look so good in photos :o) It was an honor having you documenting our day Andrea, it was a real pleasure having you around too, you made it all so easy and non-cheesy(as you know, my biggest fear). The result speaks for itself I think and we both could not be more pleased. For any brides to be out there searching for a photographer who can document/capture their day showing both real emotion and humor, this lady is as good as it gets!!! Thank you again Andrea, you clearly possess both integrity and a real passion for what you do. Eva and Sparky Watson

(10.19.07 @ 05:47 PM)
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Liezl and Michael are the kind of couple that absolutely make me love what I do. What a fabulous wedding.....with so many details. Liezl designed everything from the table cards, the name badges,  the cards on the "sweet" counter etc.....so many spectacular details!


So talented is Liezl that she even made her own dress,  bought the fabric in white and was brave enough to dye it! I reakon she would have taken the pics herself if it was physically possible!


The reception took place on a boat at Stonehaven and the sun played its role by lighting up the river with it's sunset! Michael and Liezl all I can say is.....let your love shine through as it will keep you together forever! I knew Liezl wanted great pics, by the thousands upon thousands of links on wedding photography she emailed through, so worked the couple a little harder than most...but I think that the pics speak for themselves...thanks for your patience Michael! blogliezl01.jpg blogliezl02.jpg blogliezl05.jpg blogliezl03.jpg blogliezl04.jpg blogliezl06.jpg blogliezl07.jpg blogliezl08.jpg blogliezl09.jpg blogliezl10.jpg blogliezl11.jpg  blogliezl12.jpg blogliezl13.jpg blogliezl14.jpg blogliezl15.jpg blogliezl16.jpg blogliezl17.jpg blogliezl18.jpg blogliezl19.jpg

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Hmm, some nice images here, love the angles and colour!

I met Jules tonight, wonderful woman, I believe you met too.

(09.18.07 @ 07:24 PM)

WOW! What a gorgeous wedding and couple! I can't believe she made that dress herself...It could pass for a designer couture. Love the non-traditional details......

I agree with Michael the images are stunning!

(09.19.07 @ 03:01 AM)
Jules Morgan:

wow, amazing pics there, love 'the' shot over the boat! Great to meet you yesterday, next time it's on me!

(09.19.07 @ 08:30 AM)

Thanx for the compliments.....not really good at this comments bit! ...as if you haven't noticed

(09.21.07 @ 11:16 AM)

don't like things out of order..a bit of a control freak sometimes..so here after being "dragged" around and photographed ..and I know he was annoyed...here are Michael's comments after the wedding:

Hey Andrea

Even though I was rather fussed about the amount of pics that you took on our wedding day (mostly due to the fact that the crowd was getting hungry and that some of them were already looking at us with a Hannibal Lecter look on their faces), I must say it was well worth it at the end of the day.

I don’t think Liezl could have chosen a better photographer to capture the magic of the day.
I’m sure the pics will ellicit the same emotions even 50 years from now when I look at them again and I’ll be able to relive the day every time.
Thanks for the woenderful work. Keep it up!

(12.03.07 @ 07:32 PM)
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Last weekend Tanja and I got up at 4am (...Yip! no typo here 4am in the morning!) and travelled to Clarens. Situated in the foothills of the Maluti Mountains....The Golden Gate National Park was the venue of our last wedding.


The tranquil ambience combined with the scenic views made for a spectacular backdrop for Liza and David's wedding. You may remember the couple from their enagagement session...and I must admit that since then I have been excited for a couple of reasons....one they are naturals infront of the camera & interact as if they were on their own and secondly I have been looking  forward to shooting in Clarens. Liza was brought up on a farm in Clarens and knew exactly where she wanted photographs to be taken.


Their ceremony was held outside overlooking the majestic mountains....and what an increadible view, but what stood out from the grandeur of nature was infact the "grandness" of their love. We can always tell when a couple is really and truly in love, and one thing is for sure David and Liza are really in love.


I also have to mention that in his speech David managed to say a couple of words in Afrikaans...well done "Dawie"! So here you go guys a little preview from their wedding day......   liza-david-blog04.jpg liza-david-blog03.jpg liza-david-blog05.jpg liza-david-blog10.jpg liza-david-blog07.jpg liza-david-blog20.jpg liza-david-blog06.jpg liza-david-blog13.jpg liza-david-blog08.jpg liza-david-blog09.jpg liza-david-blog11.jpg liza-david-blog15.jpg liza-david-blog12.jpg liza-david-blog14.jpg liza-david-blog17.jpg liza-david-blog18.jpg

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WOW that view and venue is to die for......

This pics are awesome!!!!!! I really need to find another word/vocabulary since I keep using the same word over and over but really it is because they are AWESOME!!!!

(09.04.07 @ 04:10 PM)

Wonderful images here, inspirational !

(09.04.07 @ 07:39 PM)
Mario Sales:

Hi Andrea, these are stunning, love the colours and must agree with you they seem incredibly relaxed in front of the lens. Weekend away weddings are tremendous fun, the atmosphere and vibe of everybody involved just lends itself to stunning imagery. And you have done yourself and your clients proud. Thanks for sharing.
Take care

(09.05.07 @ 11:47 PM)
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June 14, 2007 // Wedding
We often get thank you emails  from couples after a wedding,  just got this one... actually I have to confess,  I got it earlier ...only got to the blog thing this afternoon (addiction wearing off?). It's always wonderful when someone takes the time out to let you know how much they appreciate your pictures, makes it all worthwhile in the end. Sounds like raising kids, I know, but us creatives are a little ......em .......on the "sensitive" side!....and anyhow  11 hours on your feet carrying a big ass camera and a bag of equipment isn't as easy as it sounds.  Can't Relate?....Let's rephrase....just like all those details; the menu cards, the flowers, the gifts, the name tags etc. on the table were not, to all the grooms out there, created by the little fairies the night before! Anyway this is what Michelle and Andre had to say... " We would like to thank you for all your hard work, professionalism, attention to detail and your ability to make everyone feel at ease. The sneak previews that you have submitted to us are absolutely stunning!  You have captured a beautiful day for us and we will treasure these for as long as we live!"
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